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    Here something that can be of interest. Dervan already posted it in one thread.

    A Collection of Songs and Traditions of the Serbs (on Serbian)M. S. Milojevic 1869


    Didn't find an article in our Wikipedia. Please post information, what I know is what I took from there.

    Додолске песме not Додоле ;) Yeah it offte confuse people.
    About Dodola songs
    Also, there is more informations here: http://forum.badnjak.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=137 (Short infomrations of course, not academical discusions).
    Dodole are basiacaly, ritual and magical songs. That songs were performed to invoke rain. Between St. George's Day and St. Peter's Day, when certain village was affected by drought, young girls were going from house to house, singing and dancing. It wass allways performed on Thursday. (In ancient Slavic Religion , it was Perun's day)
    Night before selected girls go in church, clean it and go in river to bath themselves. 
    Tommorow, one or more of them specially picked, sometimes orphan, but allways preadoscelent virgin girl, wear leaf-dress, and nothing more. Other Girls accompany her and sing.
    After that girls  are going from house to house and they are invoking rain with their songs and dances. Dodola or dodolas are singing, while refraind dodo dodole is sung by all girls. After singing, hоусеfather or hostess (depends) are spilling bucket of atter on dodola and giving her reward.
    Researchers believe this tradition of imitative magic (that is how is it classified in ethnography) was derived from rituals of Perun. Connection is clear, thursday, some songs explictely mention Perun (in symbiosis with St Elijas).
    Concerning name Dodola, it is beliewed that name is derived from atribute of Perun as thunderer. Lithuanian dundeti – to thunder.



    Really? You are jumping on my posts and ignore me. if you please. I would be appreciated.

    Thread about monarchy, I say something, you jump in trolling. 2nd thread about Monarchy (restoration of Serbian Monarchy), you are agin trolling. Thread about serbian folk customs, I notice error, guess who is jumping in just to troll?


    All Slavic customs are pretty known in Poland thanks to one guy who runs this site. The information about Dodola is in the middle of the page. I don't care you don't now Polish.

    Well, I know it enogu to see it he mentioned Dodola as godess, well for such ultimate acomplishent of science he just needed to read article in English Wikipedia. And there is no mention to our dances, so please cut all this.  We lost few hours here because of your constant trolling.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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