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    [size=12pt]Legal Code of Stefan Dušan, Serbian Emperor[/size]
    – AD 1349 and 1354

    [td][img height=380]http://s12.postimage.org/flmdn8k71/51984787.jpg”/>[/td]
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    Dušan's Code (Serbian: Душанов законик, Dušanov zakonik, known historically as Закон благовјернаго цара Стефана) is a compilation of several legal systems that was enacted by Stephen Uroš IV Dušan of Serbia in 1349. It was used in the Serbian Empire and the succeeding Serbian Despotate. It is considered an early constitution, or close to it; an advanced set of laws which regulated all aspects of life.

    The Code was promulgated at a state council on May 21, 1349, in Skopje, the capital of the Serbian Empire. The foreword is as follows: "We enact this Law by our Orthodox Synod, by His Holiness the Patriarch Kir Joanikije together with all the Archbishops and Clergy, small and great, and by me, the true-believing Emperor Stephen, and all the Lords, small and great, of this our Empire". In the Charter, which accompanied the Code, it said: "It is my desire to enact certain virtues and truest of laws of the Orthodox faith to be adhered to and observed". Emperor Dušan added a series of articles to it in 1353 or 1354, at a council in Serres. This second part was half the size and at times cited issues from the first part, referring it to the "first Code".

    [size=8pt]– More about the code on Wikipedia[/size]


    [size=16pt]The law of the true-believing Tsar Stephan [/size]
    In the Year 6857, Indiction 2, at the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord,
    on the 21st Day of the Month of May

    [size=12pt]All judges shall judge according to the law, rightly, as is written in the Code, and shall not judge out of fear of the Tsar. – 168.

    Full code, here



    Seems like one of the earliest uniform legal systems in post Roman European history.

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