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    I guess I have a personally interest in this topic as I trade the various financial markets as a job and business.

    I am quite familiar with the main currency pairs, equities stock markets, and various commodities markets.  

    I specialise in trading the Equities markets (Stock Exchanges) for most of the time, and my focus is on the larger markets that have good research coverage in the news, so these include the – Dax30, Dow Jones, ASX, Hang Seng, FTSE, and Nikkei.

    Perhaps as a focus of discussion, I am curious to know the following things about Stock Markets in your Native Slavic country if you are willing to share:

    1. Is it common for the general public to invest in Companies that are Listed on your Local Stock Exchange? 

    2. What is the general perception of the public in relation to Stock Exchanges?  Eg Do they trust them as investments?

    3. Does the local/domestic media provide good coverage on the Local Stock Exchange on a regular basis?  Eg. Overall daily Equities Index price movement, major Company announcements, etc.

    4. Has your Local Stock Exchange been in existence for a long-period of time?

    5. Is it compulsory in your country to have a proportion of your income invested into a Pension/Superannuation Fund? Eg. Building the investment pool for the nation.

    6. If there is no Local Stock Exchange, do local companies raise capital by Listing on Foreign Stock Exchanges?  eg. Stock Exchanges of neighboring countries or other Major Exchanges?

    7. Any other relevant details of your Local Stock Exchange?  Eg. Price valuations – Average PE ratios, Percentage of Domestic vs Foreign investors in the Local Stock Exchange, etc



    Stock exchange in Serbia is not so turbulent and active like in the USA. You can also say that even real estate market is pretty much solid. Therefore people are not interested in it.

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