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    [size=14pt]Erlangen Manuscript[/size]

    (Ерлангенски рукопис/Erlangenski rukopis)

    [td][img height=200]http://erlagenskirukopis.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/knjiga1.jpg” />[/td]
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    [td]The Erlangen Manuscript is manuscript written in cyrilic in period between 1716 and 1733 which contain one of the earliest written collections (217 songs) of epic poetry written on Serbo-Croatian language. Author of the Erlangen Manuscript is unknown person who wrote this manuscript for Austrian military commander Prince Eugene of Savoy, a governor of the territory of Serbia after Austria was captured it from Ottoman Empire. It has been discovered in 1913 by Germanist Steinmeyer in library in Erlangen. It was researched by Gerhard Gesemann who prepared a study about it as his habilitation in 1921. It was first time recorded in form of printed book in Sremski Karlovci in 1925. The Erlangen Manuscript is mixture of Christian (Serb, Croat) and Muslim (Bosniak) songs. The estimation of the number of Muslim songs vary between 36 and 46.[/td]

    You can read the Erlangen Manuscript here.
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