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    Damn, I’m sh-sh-shaking. The European Commission sends another threats towards Poland. :D 



    I even forgot about what Szydło said in the past. Amazing thing how some determined folks in the Western Europe try to shift the message. Even the Polish Jews don’t see the problem with what Szydło said, as she was talking about protecting the citizens of Poland. Protecting own citizens isn’t going well in other European countries, is it? :) But come one, Germany blaming someone else for the Holocaust, isn’t it a bit ridicilous? :D

    Damn, I am in a very bad position. I strongly dislike the current government, but EU’s rhetorics and general attitude… sad, very sad. 




     Germany blaming someone else for the Holocaust, isn’t it a bit ridicilous? 

    I lol’d at that, too. Also this: “Well, we remember – and we won’t let them forget.” Germany: We weren’t the only NAZIs! Other people helped, too!  :D



    It only shows their argumentation value. I wonder, however, how it works there, if average Germans really are as mad as their officials and media are. I heard not necessarily, but have no balls anymore to stand against it. 



    I imagine the average German doesn’t care too much and is not angry at Poland.  :D



    I meant Germans’ attitude towards what is happening currently in their own country, as the topics are surely related. The European Union didn’t started to just give a damn about Polish judicial system because they have good hearts. ;)

    Everything goes pretty fast, I’m curious what will be happening in next year. 



    There are all kinds of people in Germany, but in general they’ve swollen the… blue pill? I have a German friend and from the things he’s telling me, especially about some antifa groups, it seems Germany’s even worse than America (it’s interesting to make parallels between Germany and Japan, btw, though in this case Japan’s doing quite well). I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen this clip before (and that’s rather moderate, btw):



    @NikeBG, I haven’t unfortunately, and can’t watch anything :( But damn, not good Germany… not good. Some elections soon there.



    Canada is far worse, i’d say. We’re just lucky that Canada isn’t located in Europe. :D



    @”Kapitán Denis” don’t take these guys as mainstream canada btw. Just a small selection of university kids, even there the opinion is diverse. The opinion on syrian refugees ranges from extreme support to extreme loathing and everything in between. As for the multicolor hair people…. I don’t think anyone takes them too serious here.



    Poland should get out of the EU and form a Pan-Slavic Trade Union. Go on, do it !



    >Poland should get out of the EU and form a Pan-Slavic Trade Union

    To Poles EU is the promised land. :)



    The day Poles leave the EU I will personally congratulate @Gaius and every other Pole on the board.
    Until then all that moaning only makes the EU’s dick harder.



    Maybe Svyatoslav was right? ;) If he had prevailed, Eastern Europe would be Pagan and all Slavs would be united as one.

    Svyatoslav dreamed of creating a vast Russian holding from the Danube to the Volga, which would unite all Rus, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Near Black Sea region and Priazovia (Azov region), and extend his borders to those of Constantinople itself. 



    Poles and panslavism, oh dear…

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