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    I have brown eyes, my sister & father blue and my mom hazel.



    Little me :dizzy: 



    My entire family on both parents' sides has dark hair and eyes, as do I. Not your typical Slav, huh? :-X


    My entire family on both parents' sides has dark hair and eyes, as do I. Not your typical Slav, huh? :-X

    where are you from dude?


    where are you from dude?

    My mother's family is from Lika, surname originates from border regions of modern Montenegro, BiH and Serbia. My father's side is northern Bosnia, town on the Sava river, surname derived from the Montenegrin Vasojevici tribe. :D

    Strong dinaric genes, I guess? My skin color is moderately pale and I stand at around 1.8m. My father's side is tall (my dad is around 1.83, don't know my biological grandfather's height, and my grandmother was fairly tall for a woman) and my mother's side is short (I'm taller than everyone from her side of immediate family). I have a long face, narrow nose, slender body type and big feet. I also have pretty long arms and fingers.

    Note: When I said dark, I didn't mean black like Mongoloid or Negroid race has, just very dark brown.



    I have grey eyes. No photo :)



    I came across some information on pigmentation of Slavic peoples. The sources is book titled “The composition of modern Slavic peoples” written by Ukrainian anthropologist Diachenko presented at the international congress of anthropological and ethnographical sciences held in Moscow in 1964.

    For Slavic population Diachenko referenced

    Poles: W. Miezkiewicz (1956, 1960).
    Czechs and Slovaks: V. Fetter, J Suchy and Ch. Tronichek.
    Bulgaria: A. N. Popov (1959) and A.N Pulianos.
    Yugoslavia: H. Schade (1956)
    Ukrainians : Diachenko.
    Belarusians: Denisova
    Russians: Bunak and Cheboksarov

    Diachenko states that there was little information published on populations of Yugoslavia.

    In general the pigmentation of Slavs occupy an intermediate position between lighter (northern) and darker (southern) Europeans.

    Western and eastern Slavs

    First group (least pigmented)

    Masurians of of north-east Masuria and 3 districts in northern Russia. 70% had light eyes 40%-50% had light hair and 10%-15% had dark hair on Fisher’s scale.

    Masurians were Lutherans living in German Prussia most of which left Masuria after WWII.

    Second group

    Northern Belarusians. Poles of north-western Poland (Pomerania). Mazurians of north-east Mazuria (north-eastern Poland). Poles of south-eastern Lithuania and northern Belarus. Russians of northern Russia (Archangel region and Leningrad region)

    60% had light eyes , 20% of light hair, 20% of dark hair. 60% is mixed hair.

    Third group

    Lusatian Sorbs. The rest of Belarus, central Poland, north-eastern Czechia. Some northern districts of north-eastern Ukraine. Russians of Smolensk (western Russia), Russians of upper Volga (north-central Russia), Russians of Oka zone

    50% light eyes and 5-7% dark eyes. 30% dark-haired, 15% light haird, 55% mixed colour hair.

    Fourth group

    Southern Poles. Most Ukrainians of central Ukraine, Volyn, Donbass. Most southern Russians. Southern Czechs and eastern Slovaks.

    40% light eyes, 7%-8% dark eyes. 10% light hair, 40% dark hair. 40% mixed hair.

    Fifth group.

    Ukrainians of Carpathia and lower Dniepr (south-Ukraine). Central Czechs. Several groups of Slovaks. Some north-eastern Russians and central Russians. Some southern Russians.

    30% light eyes, 10% dark eyes. 50-60% of dark hair.

    There is a higher frequency of dark eyes (18-25%) in Bukovina of Ukraine and some districts of Slovakia.

    Southern Slavs

    Slovenians and Croats in some districts of Croatia have a high frequency of light eyes.

    Northern Slovenians of Austria have 50% of light eyes. Croats in Slovakia have 45% of light eyes.

    Serbs 20% of light eyes. Montenegrins 9% of light eyes. Or 15% of lights on Malesh scale.

    Bulgarians : 15% of light eyes, 85% of dark hair, 2-3% of light hair.



    My eye color. My mom and I have the same eye color, my dad has brown eyes and my brother is a mix of two. I’d say they are hazel (they tend to be greener during the winter)



    My grandfather, father and myself have very similar eye colour to the original poster. I am from Serbia. I don’t think it is very much common colour here it’s either brown or blue-ish.



    I’m Croatian/Herzegovinian and have dark brown hair almost black, and brown eyes, no one from my moms side has light hair, and no one from my dads side has dark hair. 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Mine are Green with brown circle a.k.a. Hazel. 



    I’m half Italian/Croatian but I think the Slavic component prevails 🙂



    with all doe respect to Wislawa Szymborska I prefer dark eyes, since mine are light



    That statistic bogus to me. For random example 9% for Montenegrins is way to low.



    when i was kid they were blue but somehow now are green

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