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    When did Russians first settle in Siberia?



    There are allready two threads about Yermak Tiofeyevich here, in this section. :)



    Well, first white people came to Siberia about 5000 years ago, since they were direct ancestors of Scythians I think it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that distant ancestors of Sibiryaks lived here thousands years ago.

    As about Russians – first colonies of Novgorod republic appeared in North-Western Siberia in XIII century, though Novgorodians had occasionally penetrated into Siberia even in 1032.

    Before the middle of XVI century there were only few Russian military campaigns against asian khans, as it was said above, the constant colonisation of Siberia had began with Yermak's conquest of Siberia.



    about 13000 years ago

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