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    @GaiusCoriolanus  Please don’t leave! :(


    Don’t go, stay with me
    Let it all disappear , let remained only this night
    Don’t go, be yourself,
    From thousand of faces, your secret I’ll recognize
    Oh God, how strange all that happened with us
    Maybe, it’s simply had to happen between us
    Oh God, how strange all that happened with us
    Maybe, it simply had to happen, that in some way the angels failed
    Don’t go on a dark night, stay
    We’re Eden discovering by chance
    Your girly tears became the pearls of a new bright day
    Oh God, how strange all that happened with us
    Maybe, it’s simply had to happen between us
    Oh God, how quickly happened everything with us
    May be, it simply seemed to us, that in some way the angels failed?…
    I beg you- don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go


    @”Kapitán Denis” 

    You didn’t save any of my posts? They’re all super important!

     :D No worries! I did another check and did save some of your posts! I just saved them in One Note for some odd reason and not with my genealogy folders. 

    In fact, you made an important contribution to my genealogy project regarding cloud storage. 

    @Karpivna I suggest you to use some
    free cloud storage, such as:

    But you don’t have
    to upload images to clouds or image sharing sites, if they’re already on the
    internet. Just right click on the image, click on “view image” and
    copy the URL. Voila.

    If you
    have an image in your computer and you want to share it, you can first try to
    search it on the internet. It could be already uploaded somewhere. First go
    to http://www.google.com/images and drag your image over the
    search bar and if it finds the image on the internet, click on the first image
    (right above the results). It’ll show you the image in all resolutions it could
    find. Just click on any of those images and share the URL.

    I know that text
    tutorials suck, but I hope you’ll get it. 



    @Shaokang @Slavorum as far as I know the issue is that I have Windows XP.

    @Karpivna, looks like soon another song will be available on my phone. :D



    I wish some of my threads could be saved. @Sviatogor  also has some really insightful genetic and linguistic threads that would be a shame to lose. is there really no way some of those threads can get transfered :( @Slavorum ?

    Also will the design of the new forum layout be changed it seems like one long list of threads so far and not very clear like the forum we have now is. 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @GaiusCoriolanus that is fairly strange. It works normal on other PC’s and mobiles? 

    On topic->

    This forum:
    All threads will be saved and left as they are on same url. Just this forum will be closed/locked. 

    Your favorite threads: 
    I recommend you re-open your favorite threads on the new forum and just continue them there. 

    New forum layout: 
    As for the layout there will be more changes, it’ll look just as good as this one only it will be better. 

    As for now, Forum categories can be viewed in the sidebar: 



    @Slavorum, I have one computer – with WinXP. 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @GaiusCoriolanus can you do some screenshots and send me over so i see what’s up and how it looks like? 




    Slavorum is not the only place I cannot access though.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Also people when you transfer over on the new forum i will manually award you badges that you deserved through posting here. You deserve to have them, because it’s not a fresh start for you :) Just report to me on the new forum if you wish to! 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.


    Oh that is some SSL security mubo-jumbo, you probably have some paranoid firewall or anti-virus.

    Click there when you are on the front page and adjust that it allows you to visit the webpage. 

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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