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    I’m from the UK but have been living and teaching in CZ for two years. I’d like to move to a different Slavic country but I can’t decide where. If anyone has any recommendations that’d be much appreciated




    It’s difficult to answer without knowing, what are you looking for and what kind of destination would make you feel comfortable there.



    Ukraine! Currently, many things are happening in the country. You won’t get bored.



    Use a weighted stochastic generator to select one from a list, sans CZ.
    Why weighted? Well, surely you have your preferences, besides no preference is just a special case of weighted where quotients are equal.




    my ($i0, $s, @go);
    my %cnt = (    ‘Russia’ => .5,
                ‘Servia’ => .8,
                ‘Mnegro’ => .33);
    # add more countries as desired

    map {$s += $_} values %cnt;
    for my $k (keys %cnt) {
        for ($i0 = 0; $i0 < int (.5 + $cnt{$k} / $s * 100); ++$i0) {
            push @go, $k;
    print $go[int rand 100], “n”;



    Perl rant by Erik Naggum

    The unemployed programmer had a problem.  “I know”, said the programmer, “I’ll just learn Perl.”  the unemployed programmer now had two problems.

     The rest of the rant : http://www.schnada.de/grapt/eriknaggum-perlrant.html



    I guess my question was quite general :-) I’d like a place where people are friendly and the officials aren’t too corrupt as I feel a bit vulnerable being in my own. I’m very sociable and appreciate beautiful countryside. 



    This started out as a one-liner, hence perl. I gave up when I couldn’t figure a way to assign the map without a loop. In R or Scheme this would look neater.
    @Sviatogor Perl is like a rite of passage. It makes strong men stronger, but is the bane of those who are unworthy.
    @Tabsbooth exactly, you could assign your quotients based on data on the internet, like that “perceived corruption” map we had the other day.

    P.S: It seems, based on the things you mention that there would be more variation based on where in the country you settle – i.e whether you choose a big city or a small town/village, rather than the particular country in question.



    @aaaa thanks for your advice :-) 



    If you want friendly people, go to the South Slavs. If you want less corruption, go to the (other) West Slavs (Slovenia will probably do as well). And go to the East Slavs if you want… excitement, booze and girls?



    The most drinking region of Russia is Komi Republic or Magadan region near Kamchatka. In Komi republic you get to rein deers. The nature is beautiful too. It’s freezing cold in winters. I don’t know about their girls. It’s a Finno-Ugric region with many Russians living there too.



    Eastern Slavs consume marginally more than western and certain southern Slavs

    Alcohol consumption per capita https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_alcohol_consumption_per_capita

    Russia 15.1
    Ukraine 13.9
    Czech Republic 13
    Slovakia 13
    Serbia 12.6
    Poland 12.5
    Croatia 12.2
    Slovenia 11.6
    Bulgaria 11.4
    Montenegro 8.7
    BIH 7.1



    Moravia :D



    @Tabsbooth, from your description I assume you shouldn’t visit East Slavic countries. ;) If you plan to stay longer, think about where you can get along with people and communicate easily. If you speak Czech then Slovak language is the most similar, Polish is next. If you don’t maybe pick the country where more people are able to speak English. Friendly people are everywhere, as well as not friendly people. Countrysides are also everywhere.

    @Sviatogor, you skipped Belarus, are you afraid of something? :D 



    BTW what have you taught in Czechia?

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