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    My grandmothers last name is Štifter (before she got married) it sounds kinda German anyway she is from Savinjska dolina does anyone know anything about this last name?



    The name could come from the German word stifter (read štifter) which means something like "founder" (ustanovitelj/utemeljitelj). Yes, it sounds German but that's nothing unusual for Slovenia. You have many souch names. Personally, I hear this family name the first time. I have some relatives in Zgornja Savinjska dolina but non with this name. :) Zgornja or Spodnja Savinjska, if I may ask?



    I think its zgornja savinjska but im not sure i have some relatives in Skorno if that is in zgornja. I also rememberd that the family originaly came from Logarska but than moved down the valley and my granny only had sisters with that name and they are all married so they no longer have that last name.



    Aha, thank you. Sadly I can't help you much further…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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