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    Germany reaffirms support for Croatia´s EU membership


    Germany’s President Christian Wulff has reaffirmed his country’s support for Croatia’s European Union membership at a meeting with the Croatian President Ivo Josipovic yesterday (Thu).

    "We wish that negotiations will end soon and that all criteria for Croatia’s entrance into the Union are fulfilled," Wulff said, adding that he values the Croatian President’s work toward reconciliation in the Balkans and the improvement of relations between Zagreb and Belgrade.

    The two heads of state discussed Croatia’s regional politics, as well as problems facing potential investors in Croatia. They talked about the problems of corruption in Croatia, which are being successfully rooted out.

    Josipovic met with Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel who told him that Croatia is making significant progress, but that it must continue to fulfill all the measures until the very end. "We are aware of that, and the support that Germany gives us means a lot," Josipovic said.

    Croatian representatives will conclude their visit with meetings in Mainz and Frankfurt today (Fri). In addition to a meeting with Germany’s Minister of the Economy Rainer Bruederle in Mainz and participating at Croatia-Germany economic forum, Josipovic is expected to face a group of demonstrators led by the Croatian Pure Party of Rights (HCSP).

    HCSP wants Josipovic to "stop magnifying the symbols and crimes of the totalitarian communist regime" and to support the posthumous removal of the highest German honour given to the deceased leader of former Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

    The police have increased security and designated protection for the party's international secretary Ivan Loza after he received bomb threats, the daily writes.


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