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    Gopniks – why do Slavs Squat?

    Gopnik (gop, gopota, gopar, punks, gop. races.  a normal kid, in the post-revolutionary Petrograd a resident of the City Hostels proletariat (now hotel Oktyabrskaya, according to contemporaries, who went to the polls and red socks on them identifiable, there may , and went below) – the lowest mul…

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    You push that story of Slavs and Squatting but I never noticed that in the most of the Slavs countries I went to ( never been to ex Soviet states)



    It’s a Russian thing, mostly (and a subculture at that). But, you know, to many non-Slavs “Slavic means Russian and Russian means Slavic”.



    I agree. It’s mostly a Russian subculture among low social class. The subculture originated in Russian prisons that were overcrowded, so prisoners were squatting along the walls.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I always thought it’s because of the lack of infrastructure (benches) in the parks in ex-socialist countries. 



    Its because the “slav squat” – when your heels are touching the ground is more healthy and stable way of squatting .. also when taking a dump its better to squat than sit. Try it out. 

    I didnt knew about “slav squat” before i stumbled upon life of Boris on youtube. Squatting like a real Slav was just a natural thing to do for me .. and we arent the only ones who do that. Alot of Asian people squat with their heels down. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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