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    what do you think is there a possibility that turks return hagia sofia to ortodox church, its not a mosque anymore its a museum/so why they just gave back to people who will appreciate more



    I didn’t understand your question, brother. Is what you are saying that you think Christians would appreciate Hagia Sofia more than Muslims would?



    well they made a museum of it. its just for profit, i dont take that as holly place. for people of culture perhaps but not for people of faith



    and also in some way i do think that sofia means more for orthodox church



    I disagree… During the time it has been both a Church and a Mosque, in both cases, it’s a holy place. I believe that it deserves the most to be a museum.



    I’m more concern that the whole Europe might experience the same destiny as Hagia Sophia.



    Hagia Sophia is an important historic church to Orthodox Christian. St Sophia cathedrals were built in Kiev, Polotsk and Novgorod – three important cities in Rus at the time. St Sophia cathedral in the cities were rebuilt in Baroque styles except possibly in Novgorod in later years.  In Bulgarian capital Sofia I believe there’s a second oldest Bulgarian cathedral named after St. Sophia.

    Here’s the original St Sophia cathedral built in Kiev in the 11th century in Byzantium style. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Sophia’s_Cathedral,_Kiev



    “second oldest Bulgarian cathedral named after St. Sophia.”

    It’s probably older than Hagia Sophia, but yes, it’s second oldest in the city (which incidently was just a castle and a bunch of churches for much of its existence, hence why they renamed it at some point after the church (before it was named after the castle). Not sure what qualifies a cathedral, but it’s just a big church.


    As for Hagia Sophia – it wasn’t given away, therefore it should not be returned and I don’t see many willing to take it back.



    @anna25 to become a museum?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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