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    Last evening, I had a conversation/chat on an internet forum with a schizophrenic Russian girl from Moscow. At first, I thought she was a guy.  :D To prove she was not a guy, she posted a photo of herself with her Russian girlfriend, who is also schizophrenic. She is 25 and has a boyfriend.

    This is her portion of the chat. At one point, I thought I might need to call emergency services in Moscow, because she seemed suicidal. In the end, I was able to steer her to another topic. I wonder about the quality of mental health treatment in Moscow. Public mental health treatment is fairly low quality in the USA, so I am assuming in Russia it is even worse. I wonder about her future.  :/


    My family is crap. Seriously, I aint a cookie myself,but that is just…
    Mom treats me like shit and says that my ailments (shizophrenia and clinical depression) are made-up, and that I convinced doctors I have them by looking up symptoms in internet (she in general tends to think that I act according to what people tell me, like when I try to insult her back).And she is also hella racist (mostly to jews and roma people, but that’s prob cause we don’t get many black people in Moscow) and tends to lie a lot (while keeping demanding I be perfectly hones).
    Also, I am only “adult” to her when it’s convenient. And my sister literally said yesterday that she’d like it if I stayed in my room and slept for days cause
    I annoy her.She also never does any domestic chores, period (mom doesn’t force her to), and has the gall to yell at me if I interrupt her watching anime.
    Maybe it’ll really be better if I’ll just die? Well, she [her sister] is pretty nice most of the time, and very cute, so receiving such a treatment from her is really unsettling.
    Yeah, definitely. The thing is,she tends to self-contradict,so sometimes she acts like she does believe I am ill, and even more – the sound she associates with me being in mental ward (the little jingle from Pokemon that signifies item get – it was a phone message signal during that time) stresses her out so much, it literally became a trigger which makes her feel very uncomfortable.
    Maybe she is somewhat afraid of my illness?Or perhaps she is afraid that if I am truly ill,she’ll end like that,too (her psyche is notably unstable, 
    although she has no diagnosis)?
    Ah,I see. Well,I sometimes get in the mood to clean everything,but it’s a rarity.Washing dishes (this I do daily) is really relaxing tho.
    The thing is, our flat is 1/3 mine by law, but selling it won’t get me enough money to get my own place AND no-one would hire me cause of my disability, so my only income is disability payment that is 280$ per month (right now it’s always completely spent on utilities bill, or atleast that’s what mom is telling me, cause she took away my card so I won’t spend any on myself , and I cannot check – she works herself, and a lot, but she constantly says that we have no money…and yet she always buys cigarettes, two packs of which – 40 сigarettes – cost like a whole chicken).
    {I advise she move}
    Besides, I like my family,and I do not really have anyone else to live with – I used to have two grandmas (paternal and maternal) who had their own flats, but in 2016, both died. Besides, I like living where I am now, and I take even leaving home for a weekend hard, so it’s not an option per se.
    My mom just kicked me (not very strong, but still – it is violence, and she hadn’t laid a finger on me since I was diagnosed with shizophrenia) for me noting that I wasn’t speaking with her (context – I was telling a thing to my sis, that has nothing to do with mom, mom asks me if I said word “x” 
    [instead of what I actually said], I tell her that what matters is that sister heard me clearly, cause I was talking with her, not mom) ><
    Yes, I angrily asked “The hell was that?”, and she, as always, told me that she’ll throw me out of house (even tho our flat is officially 1/3 mine) 
    if I’ll keep talking back.
    Nah, my only income is a disability payment of 16500 roubles per month (it’s less than $300), and mom took my card and uses them to pay utilities and stuff (so, technically, they remain in family, but she never gives me any spending money), even tho she has money herself (employed in one rather good place for 10+ years, although recently, they started cutting her hours, but dang, we lived on her old shitty job wage before I got disabled – and I wasn’t working back then, and that was enough).
    [At this point, I steer the conversation to the topic, which is about Harry Potter.]
    I randomly’ve seen three HP books (second,third and fifth) in the journal kiosk in Moscow (Russia) – specifically, these of the very first edition we got here,
    that is no longer sold nowadays (they use other version, with way worse translation that mangles names horribly…like, Severus Snape is “Evilus Eviles”[Zlodeus Zlei] there, I kid you not).They cost roughly 3.5$ each, and woman there explained that these were randomly found extras they decided to sell so they won’t be laying around. If I didn’t already had the whole series in this edition,I would’ve bought them in a heartbeat)
    Well,yeah,but it isn’t even the worst) Bathilda Bagshot, while retaining her name, has surname “Bugfart”.And Neville’s surname is “Longbutt”.And Lovegood girl’s name is “Psychuna”.
    I have never read this translation myself, so I just rely on what my sis remembers)
    One more thing that is possible to explain to non-russian speaker is how translator called Hogwarts.Ahem…COCKSWORT.
    No, your eyes are fine) It’s my english that is imperfect) I am often told that I sound rude and demanding when writing in english
    (I am also often mistaken for a guy cause of it), and I sit here like “???”, cause I literally cannot understand what I do wrong(
    I literally don’t have a single photo of me that doesn’t look like a Shrek in drag,so here’s the latest one,from my birthday (me on the right, girl on the left 
    is a quite annoying happy-go-lucky distant relative, who, just like me, is diagnosed shizo).As you can see,I am not a big fan of doing selfies.
    Got infraction for my last post here,so rewording the next post accordingly:
    Why all the men I want either fictional or unreachable? Why my tastes are so specific? WHY?!!


    What a misleading title! :D
    I thought I’ll have fun reading this, but it made me a little sad. :/

    Well, she’s in a position that’s almost impossible to get out of. If something like this happened in the U.S., it would quickly get into news and there would be people that would immediately try to help her. In Russia, it’s just another story, I believe. She should get away right now, but the bad thing is she has no place to go. :(

    What should I add to this discussion? I mean… I partially know how she feels like.
    “Mom, I want a chocolate bar!”,
    “I’m sorry Denisko, but we can’t afford it, we don’t have enough money.” *lights up a cigarette*
    – my childhood :D

    And while I’m on the subject… Let me say something about Harry Potter…



    Moscow has psychiatric hospital named after Pyotr Kashchenko. Kashchenko became a household word in Moscow. If someone does crazy things the person would be he or she is Kashchenko client.

    And life is too  short to read rambling of mentally ill people on the Internet.



    Life is also too short to read the second-rate fan-fiction.



    @Sviatogor And life is too  short to read rambling of mentally ill people on the Internet. 

    But– you read Slavorum.  :D 

    Also, don’t get a nervous breakdown around Sviatogor. He will just drop you off at the Kashchenko and drive away.  Anyway, Kashcenko can’t help anyone now. He died in 1920. 

    @aaaaa What would you recommend for my reading list?

    @”Kapitán Denis” I feel so bad for this girl. I wish I could bring her to live in USA, so she could have some happiness in life. Her mother is smoking up all the profits, while her daughters watch anime, go hungry and have no meaningful purposes to their lives. Yes, in America, someone would help her. At least, make a “Go Fund Me,” to raise money so she can have a stable, healthy life. In my area, we have Mobile Mental Health Trucks that come around neighborhoods and offer help to people with mental health issues. 

    Outreach workers meet with people who approach the trucks and chat with them to see what services they might need, offering resources and other information. If they want to, the person can come onto the unit and talk through any issues with a case manager. The team makes sure to follow up with the person until they’re where they want to be mentally. The unit also hosts groups for kids, which has a specific curriculum designed to meet for 10 sessions.

    Next time I make a topic, I will try to be more accurate with matching the topic title to the actual subject.  :D  Right now I’m studying how Slavs have buried their dead throughout history, and the various customs and rituals. 



    @Karpivna I like short stories better than novels when it comes to fiction. R. Kipling, Jack London, O’Henry, R. Dahl, that kinda thing.



    @aaaaa Yes, those are great short story writers! My favorite short story writer is Anton Chekhov, not to be confused with Pavel Chekov. (rip Anton Yelchin.)

    Anton Chekhov
    Image result for chekhov
    Pavel Chekov
    Image result for chekov




    >Also, don’t get a nervous breakdown around Sviatogor. He will just drop
    you off at the Kashchenko and drive away.  Anyway, Kashcenko can’t help
    anyone now. He died in 1920.

    There’s a difference between nervous breakdown and mental illness such as schizophrenia which the girl from Moscow has.  :) If the girl was diagnosed as ‘incapable’, then it would explain why her Mum holds her bank card making financial decisions for her.  Girl’s pension is 16,500 rubles which is a small amount when the average salary is 50,000 rubles in Moscow. Average salary is not enough to make a living in Moscow. Two people need to work. I can understand girl’s complains.



    the girl maybe a troll, who just likes trolling, then again who knows. Just try to encourage her. If she really is schizophrenic then shed most likely be dangerous to every really meet up with. God help her though. 



    Dangerous? Why would she be dangerous? Just because you’re schizophrenic, it doesn’t mean you’re Jack the Ripper. Especially if you’re taking your medications.




    the girl maybe a troll, who just likes trolling, then again who knows.

    I thought the same thing.


    Dangerous? Why would she be dangerous? Just because you’re schizophrenic, it doesn’t mean you’re Jack the Ripper. Especially if you’re taking your medications.

    I thought the same thing.



    @NikeBG schizophrenics have unpredictable behavior and are often involved in weird and violent crimes due to their vivid imagination, even if they never meant to do harm. My grandmother’s husband(not my grandfather) has a son who is schizophrenic, he ended up murdering his female boss because he seriously thought she was some kind of spy trying to kill a bunch of people. If a random person on the internet told me they were schizophrenic they wouldn’t be someone id plan to meet ever.



    There are different kinds of schizophrenia. Some schizophrenic are violent, while other are not according to the information on the Internet.



    Don’t worry. I will not be meeting up with any individuals or strangers from”internet world”  EVER.  :D How I even ended up chatting with this person was unusual. This was an internet forum I had not visited in years. I did find it strange that a Russian was on this particular forum, because it is 99.9% American. 

    It is rare for me not to be able to deduce gender of a person posting on the internet. I truly thought she was a male and was surprised she was female. I have to admit her photo did look like a chubby dude with long hair and bangs.  Maybe her psychiatric medications have caused her to gain weight.  Her friend definitely was female but very Eurasian looking.

    I am sure there is another side to her story. Papa seems to be missing, so I assume her mother is a single-mother. Mama is probably over-worked and under-paid with no support system. Smoking is one way she copes. Everyone in this family needs mental health counseling and guidance. Anyway, this Russian girl’s story touched me emotionally. 




    >Anyway, this Russian girl’s story touched me emotionally.

    There are humbugs living in Russia. I’d be careful with a schizophrenic from Moscow appearing on an internal forum speaking English if this person asks for money.

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