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    Help Bulgarian Portraits of Shame Project

    Bulgarian photographer started a personal project of his own called “Portraits of Shame” which is sh…

    Read the full story here

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I hope they set them up a better gym! They deserve it!



    I strongly doubt this is true… That is probably what their facilities look like now, after having been abandoned long time ago.



    @”Nedyalko Tilev” Everything in these pictures is completely true. I trained 3d. In these conditions, I know personally some of those people above.



    The rooms with the mold, ok, bad for health (why are they there, though?), but the gyms…I don’t know, it’s not that bad. I’ve been in worse.. I’ve lived in worse. And no-one’s that special. It’s talent they should be proud of, not facilities.



    This is a shame!!! And we expect those guys to bring us medals?  Good that they did this and try to bring awareness. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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