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     Hello, my grandfather can speak fluent Slovak, and my family is also mostly from Slovakia so I think it would be nice to know how to speak the language at least to some basic degree. My grandfather is not a language teacher and was not born in Slovakia so I don’t think he would be viable for this. I know a few basic phrases,but would never be able to hold a conversation so does anybody know of any good resources to learn to speak Slovak? Thank you for reading



    There is some series of learning Slovak language on youtube, so you can check it out. However the best possible way is to speak with person who actually do speak Slovak language, maybe you should reconsider that with your grandfather, he must not be a good teacher but it is still better then just taking some lessons online in my opinion <span>:smile:</span>



    You can also find chatrooms on the internet that are in Slovak. 



    Did you start to learn it already? How is it going?

    If not, I think online courses would take a lot of time to learn, so don’t take them. Especially if they’re paid.

    If you really really really want to learn Slovak, then you should move to Slovakia or somewhere where people speak Slovak every day, if it’s possible. But that’s a lot of effort.

    But if you just really really want to learn Slovak, I would suggest you to start from… the bottom like Drake. :D

    If I were you, I would first try to learn the pronunciation of Slovak alphabet. Now if you know how to pronounce letters, you should start with vocabulary. It’s easy to learn many words in one day, but it’s hard to remember them until the next day. :D
    I would translate names of things that you use every day, and write them on stickers and I would stick them on those things.
    I would write down šálka and stick it on a cup, pohár on a glass, uterák on a towel… or rather on the shelf, where you keep that towel… and so on. Perhaps I would also write the plural forms. And don’t forget to read the stickers when you use those things.
    Also try to translate everything you do, if you have time for it. Whenever you eat something, say to yourself: ja jem (I’m eating) and maybe try to extend it, like: ja práve jem (I’m eating right now) and so on. If you need to translate stuff, message me, I’m more reliable than Google Translate. ;)

    Making sentences is another task to do. But the best way to learn it is to try to communicate with Slovak speakers. ;)
    Grammar is not that important. If you know the things above, then you’re able to have a conversation with Slovaks.

    If I’m wrong, then correct me, anyone. But this is the way I would try to learn a new language.

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