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    Hello everyone,

    Just came across this site and decided this would be a great place to ask my question.  I have posted on many forums but have yet to receive a definitive answer.  My surname is Kendjelic and this side of my family comes from Gola/Zdala Croatia on the border with Hungary along the Drava.  I have been trying to figure out the meaning of my last name but without any luck.  I have talked to others that share my surname and none of them know the meaning or where it originated.

    From what I gather, "Kendjel" means stirrup in Hungarian and am told my name is of Hungarian origin.  Would anybody be able to provide any input?  Is my name actually Hungarian due to the border proximity and previous rule?  Any help would be great!



    Yeah, this word is probably Magyar. Kendjel <- kengyel : which is read in the same way. I found this on internet :


    It doesn't necessary mean your ancestors were Magyars (unless you aren't aware of them), it could be a result of surnames' translation by the state writers in the past. Neverthless, people in mixed areas are usually bearers of various surnames, that's nothing to wonder at.  ;)



    Thanks.  I am aware of my ancestors and have them traced back to the mid 1700's in Croatia.  Some of the surnames in my family were Bosnjak, Kuzmic, Bogadi and Talan.    I wonder why they would choose "Kengyel".  I believe that due to their location between the Drava and smaller streams and water, their closest town outside of their own was Berzence, Hungary and it's surrounding villages.  I know that this area flooded quite often and forced them to head north.  Just wish I could find out more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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