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    I have been trying to learn Slovak for some time and have made some progress. But I would like to learn from a native. That and the apps I have do not teach grammar and differences in tenses (for example, the difference between "Som z Ameriky" and "Som zo Slovenska". Ďakujem



    Pur Slovak mod Svätoslava might help you out with it…but generally there's no much help than you reading it and trying to communicate in it…trial and error is the only way.



    Ahoj.  :)

    This website is one of the best online teaching web on Internet  http://slovake.eu/en/learning/grammar  , try it and then ask me, if anything.

    If you saw a Slovakia's section on the forum, you've certainly noticed this thread  http://www.slavorum.com/forum/index.php?topic=1281.0

    "Som z Ameriky" and "Som zo Slovenska" – the only difference is that one is from the US and the other is from Slovakia…  :D  Kidding aside, could you be more precise in your question, please?



    Dobrý deň! First, thank you, you guys are so nice XD
    @Svätoslava, sorry, I forgot which part I needed help in. Basically the difference between "z" and "zo". There are a bunch of words that seem to change (slightly) but I couldn't quite find a pattern.



    You're welcome.  ;)

    Z vs zo, well, it's just a matter of pronunciation. Zo is followed by letters of the following word as z, s or ž, š. It is very hard to say Som z Slovenska, that's why Slovak put there -o to sound it easier. Examples: Prišiel som z Ukrajiny. (I've came from Ukraine) – see, z is very easy to pronounce when followed by U-. Or, Prichádza z Ruska. (He is coming from Russia) – also, Slovaks don't have troubles to pronounce z followed by R-. But, Prídem zo Slovinska. (I'll come from Slovenia) – z and S- have very similar sounds, that's why you need to put something between them: -o.



    That makes….SO much more sense XD Thank you for the help XD I can't wait to make some progress!!!!



    My mom and I want to get a hold on this kid and now he won’t use this website. @36crazyfists

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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