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    1. Write a Letter to

    23 year old Darya
    Kulakova was jailed for 10 day for trying to deliver letters urging Putin not
    to run for president again.

    Charged with
    resisting police orders.


    2. Write a Poem 

    Teacher Aleksandr
    Byvshev was fired and sentenced to community service for his poem “To
    Ukrainian Patriots.”

    Charged with
    inciting ethnic hatred.

     On 1 March 2014, at the height of the annexation
    campaign, a poem written in Ukrainian and entitled ‘To Ukrainian Patriots’
    appeared on Byvshev’s VKontakte social media page. It read as follows:

    An unknown special forces
    guy appeared there.

    (Not a squeak from the
    Kremlin about ‘secret aliens’).

    ‘Not an inch of Crimea to
    Putin’s goons’,

    Tolls the tocsin in
    wounded hearts.


    As you meet the Muscovite

    Answer them as Bandera

    ‘Let the invaders choke
    in their blood!’

    The only way to deal with
    the scum.


    Greet the foe as your
    forefathers did,

    Don’t let an alien boot
    on your soil.

    Make them eat lead

    And God keep you in your
    deadly fight!


    3. Criticize the War

    Aleksei Kungurov was
    sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for criticizing Russia’s intervention in

    Charged with
    publicly justifying terrorism.


    4. Post Historical

    Polina Petruseva was
    fined for posting a picture of her house during Nazi occupation.

    Charged with
    disseminating Nazi insignia.


    5.  Criticize the

    Zhalaudi Geriyev
    wrote critically about Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, then landed a three year
    sentence for marijuana  possession.
    Zhalaudi Geriev, 23, was dragged out of a shuttle bus and taken to a forest.
    The assailants pulled a plastic bag over his head and tortured him. They forced
    him to sign a confession that he had been carrying drugs, and he was sentenced
    to more than three years in prison.

    Rights activists
    said the charges were politically motivated.



    6. Play Pokemon Go 

    Ruslan Sokolovsky
    received a 3 1/2 year suspended sentence for playing Pokemon Go in a church.

    Charged with
    inciting hatred and insulting the feelings of religious believers.


    7. Trash an Airport?
    Not so bad.

    Ruslan Nurtdinov
    drove through an airport terminal, causing $100,000 in damages and injuring
    several people.

    The ex-policeman
    received a light sentence of 15 days of administration detention.


    Love can drive a man to carry out
    outrageous acts. 

    That was
    effectively the defence of a Russian man who sparked a
    security scare at an airport by ramming his car into the building. 

    Ruslan Nurtdinov
    provoked panic when he drove his vehicle into the terminal at Kazan International Airport and even reached the departure

    A Kazan
    airport administration said that after the intoxicated man rammed through the
    terminal’s door late on Wednesday, he proceeded to drive around inside.

    Video footage
    shows a battered, Russian-made car drive past the check-in desk and into a
    departure gate before it reached a railway terminal outside.

    The vehicle is
    chased by alarmed security staff trying to stop it. 

    The 40-year-old
    told a court hearing that he had planned his route carefully, according to news
    website Kazansky Reporter on Friday.

    “I had to
    get on the platform. I was fighting for love!” he said.

    Mr Nurtdinov
    said his lady friend was arriving at the railway platform, and this was his way
    to greet her.

    The airport said
    no one was hurt in the incident. 

    Kazan is a city
    in southwest Russia on the banks of the Kazanka and Volga rivers.







    1. Odds are she was resisting police orders. I’ve seen enough police videos to notice patterns.
    2. Hang the traitor and make an example of him.
    3. What an amazing coincidence between the objections of this poor fighter for human rights and justice and the agendas of several foreign intelligence services and islamic terror groups.
    4. She’s lucky she’s not German. But yeah, it’s a travesty.
    5. Lol. Ok. Check out some “sovereign citizens” arrest videos, this guy sounds boring in comparison. Except this is the Guardian so this dude probably doesn’t even exist. The fine journalists at the Guardian don’t just twist the truth, they first come up with a totally improbable story and _then_ twist it.
    6. Personally, I’m a fan of good old-fashioned stoning. Pokemon go fuck yourself.
    7. Yeah, sounds familiar, but might as well be nothing.
    8. …
    Wait, where’s the rest? Why you no round it up to 10 like a proper listicle?



    @aaaaa 3 more – just for you, baby!  :D

    8. Twerking in a Bee Dress

    What happened: On April 12, 2015, a video was uploaded to YouTube that showed a group of teenage students of a dance school in Orenburg performing something they called “a bee dance” (it was a part of a show about Winnie-the-Pooh). Wearing orange-and-black leotards, the girls presented two minutes of choreographed twerking, apparently meant to symbolize the production of honey. The video went viral almost immediately, and soon attracted the attention of the authorities: The “moral safety” of children has been declared to be one of the highest priorities of President Vladimir Putin’s government; the fact that the girls’ costumes were the same color as St. George’s ribbon, the patriotic symbol commemorating World War II, made the issue even worse. The presidential commissioner for children’s rights, Pavel Astakhov, expressed his outrage on Twitter, declaring that “only a pig could stage such a dance.”

    The result: Two days after the video appeared on YouTube (the actual performance happened in late January), the Investigative Committee launched an inquiry. finding evidence of “depraved acts.” The dance school was temporarily closed by municipal officials who also decided to create a committee that would check all private dance schools for indecency. On May 18, it was announced that the investigation didn’t find any foul play, and the committee would not bring any charges. By that time, the initial video of the dance had more than 25 million views on YouTube.


    Stage a Wagner Opera

    What happened: In December 2014, the Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre premiered a new version of Richard Wagner’s opera Tannhauser, created by a young director Timofey Kulyabin. Two months later, the head of the local branch of the Russian Orthodox Church filed a complaint, arguing that the performance gravely offended many of his adherents (the priest himself didn’t see the show). In this version of the opera, which presents a modernized view on Wagner’s libretto, Tannhauser is a film director who tries to make a movie about the early years of Jesus Christ (which, according to his version, included a lot of earthly pleasures). At some point an imaginative movie poster appears on the stage, showing a crucifix between the open legs of a woman. All of this seemed inappropriate to church officials, and they demanded an investigation.

    The result: On March 10, a local court ruled that the performance didn’t violate any laws. The church, however, wasn’t satisfied: It demanded that the federal Investigative Committee and the Federal Security Service look into the issue. The Russian theatrical community supported Tannhauser almost unanimously, but not the minister of culture, Vladimir Medinsky, who is known to be passionate about traditional Russian values. On March 29, Medinsky fired the general manager of the theater.

    10. Twerking in Front of a War Memorial (Russia obviously has a MAJOR problem with twerking.)

    What happened: At the end of April, 2015, six girls from a dance school in Novorossiysk posted a video advertisement for the school on YouTube in which they can be seen twerking with a local World War II memorial in the background. Even though the dance looks more modest and professional than in “the bee dance” case, the combination of twerking and war memorials was enough to provoke a scandal. The local government expressed its outrage, and the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation.

    The result: A local court sentenced one girl to 15 days in jail and two other girls to 10 days in jail. Two girls got off with a fine, and the mother of the remaining underage girl was fined for being reckless “in regard to her child’s intellectual and spiritual development.”

    The ad posted by the students on YouTube.




    Quote: “The girls presented two minutes of choreographed twerking, apparently meant to symbolize the production of honey.”  LOL Okay, that is obvious sexual innuendo.  



    Meh. They’re fighting the culture war wrong. As Napoleon noticed, the logical conclusion to a defensive war is surrender.
    To win it you have to attack.
    These people are provocateurs. Their goal is the destruction of traditional society. Their tactics are to use shock to make decent people look weak, frightened and confused, thereby making traditional morality look weak and outdated.
    A fine and community service is a slap on the wrist, it only gives them street cred.
    If, on the other hand, some “amateur artistic troupe” were to catch one of those “directors”, strip them naked and make a funny music video where they extract high-pitched yowls from the same with the help of a dogwood rod, now, that would be great both as cultural warfare and entertainment.
    Many of those enamoured with such degeneracy will quickly learn to love traditional values all by themselves, I guarantee it.




    If decent and traditional folk are shocked and frightened by some whore shaking their asses, they are weak as fuck. 

    As for “sovereign citizens”, ohhh boy. Those fucks are ridiculously stupid, and pretty goddamned funny in their stupidity.



    Russian authorities have nothing against twerk or any similar type of dance. They don’t like when under-aged (10-15 year olds) are exploited dancing such dances in front of adults as in the case of girls in bee dresses.

    Another scandal involving twerk dance and children was in a night-club settings of Khabarovsk city. Authorities are often pressured by parents and general public when they see children are getting involved.



    @texczech82  yeah, I’ve heard that argument. It’s flawed. These tactics work whether you try to be the better man or not, case in point the US and Western Europe 20 years ago and now. There’s no end to depravity, so the ride is far from over.
    There was also a quote by someone: “The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.
    Well, if you’d rather do nothing you’re not a good man and never were. Those who tolerate evil are accessories to evil.



    Ok, what is the line? What’s considered evil and depraved? You like punk and metal music, yeah? many of the older generations think that music is trash that’s caused the downfall of society. Take my late grandfather, for instance. To him, the Ramones, Snoop Dogg, Cannibal Corpse, Agnostic Front, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, etc. was all one genre of music, with no difference. He called it “that boom boom bullshit,” and it was exclusively for drug addicts, perverts, and psychopaths. In the 80s, when metal/hardcore/etc was sweeping up the nation’s youth, many parents put their children in counseling, with some even having their children committed to psychiatric institutes. 

    What’s in the good man’s manifesto? Where’s the line?

    Edit: I just watched the above twerking video, and holy shit. Are those kids? That’s pretty over the line, for sure.



    You need standards other than “anything goes” and “whatever I feel like, right about now”.
    These standards can either be enforced through violence or conviction. The conviction part is the domain of religon, the violence part is the domain of the law and the state. Neither is sufficient by itself, they complement each other. Conviction is not a catch all as there are always opportunists and neither is violence, which breeds resentment beyond a point.
    As for what the particular standards should be – the fundamentals are obvious. For the specifics you need a consensus based on tradition, where religion again plays an important part. Why tradition? – because otherwise the consensus can and will drift away from the fundamentals as is happening now. Any degeneracy can be rationalized.
    There are also no absolutes, except for God. So nothing is always good, or always evil, but should be taken within context. A good thing in one context can be bad in a different one. Usually when purpose is replaced by self-gratification for its own sake. You know the story of that experiment where they wired a bunch of lab-rats so that a press of a pedal would directly stimulate their pleasure centres in the brain. The rats ended up dead, because they did nothing but hitting that pedal. People are like that, too, especially with good things like sex, drugs and rockn’roll.
    There’s a time and place for everything.
    Lastly, one will never escape the difficult moral decisions, no matter how specific the rules he lives by, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes keeping the spirit of the law may entail breaking the letter of it (extreme caution advised, though, it’s a slippery slope)



    Grandad was a hard working, traditional guy, so I think his standard of morality is pretty spot on. So, that said, in order to return to a better, more traditional world, all punks, skinheads, hippies, metalheads, goths, hip hop kids, and any male with hair past his collar are obvious degenerates, and they must be rounded up and placed into camps, or at least deported.

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