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    History of Fur From Ancient Times To The Present Day In Slavic Countries

    Large part of Slavic population in Europe lives in cold areas especially Russians, Belorussians and Poles in European North, but also other Slavs live in cold mountainous areas of Balkans, Carpathians and Silesia. This is why various fur clothing products have been made in history of these lands.

    Read the full story here



    Lmao that bear hunting hear. Looks like “Hellraiser” movie.



    My great grandmother was asked once by her daughters why she married our great grandfather (1896) she said it was because he wore furs.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @”Susan Renee Mason Laskowska” ancient gold diggers? :D 



    Good article!  I got into a discussion about the Russian fur trade on another forum (we were discussing the Momoa series, Frontier) and I brought up several of the same points trying to explain to some people just how massive the fur trade was in both northern Eurasia and North America. That’s how Russia ended up colonizing Alaska and then finally selling it to the US. The fur trade was like the oil business now. BIG. Lots of $$$ and influence. Wars were literally fought over furs.



    Bring back the fur.  Looks cool.  Ok, maybe artificial stuff for those animal lovers.



    I don’t like wearing dead animals! 

    I don’t understand why in my country most of the women so obsessed with fur coats. Somehow it still considered “look wealthy” even though the furcoats now made in China and cost cheap.

    Looking on Skandinavia I think that these countries also have rather cold winter but they make great puffers and don’t wear these smelly coats!

    We live in 21th century with many  sci technology fabrics, thermal underwear etc. Fur is out of time.



    >I don’t like wearing dead animals!

    How about accessories made from the carcasses of your enemies?



    Hah, this reminds me of some documentary I watched some years ago, of some Western guy (American probably), dressed in supposedly the best-insulated modern winter clothes on his trip on the Transsiberian railway and pretty quickly he switched to the locals’ Russian clothing. Yes, with the furs, which he admitted keep him warm much better than his modern stuff.



    NikeBG, sorry to disapoint you but in Siberia we wear puffers as well. The modern day Chukchas do the same, unless they are very poor. Also I would recomend to watch some modern documentaries about Alaska.

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