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    History Of The Unconditional Love of Slavs And Rugs On The Walls

    If you lived anywhere in Eastern or South Eastern Europe during 90’s you would have noticed, Slavs really love carpets. They were the integral decor in anyone’s house, having an Arabian carpet was like having a IKEA furniture today, a must for most.

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    In Russia and other eastern European countries cheap concrete panel apartments were built.

    Panelák is a colloquial term in Czech and Slovak for a panel building constructed of pre-fabricated, pre-stressed concrete, such as those extant in the former Czechoslovakia and elsewhere in the world. The buildings remain a towering, highly visible reminder of the Communist era. The term panelák refers specifically to buildings in the former Czechoslovakia. However, similar buildings were built in other Socialist countries of eastern Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panel%C3%A1k

    These concrete panels get cold in winter. Especially in Russia with the central heating system tnot always providing enough wormth when temperature drops below -20C outside at nights. So people put rugs on the walls. I admit rugs on the walls no matter how expensive look tasteless. They were popular back in the days.  Today, many people don’t put rugs on the walls as often despite the cold weather. Low social class have them on the walls throughout the year.



    In the Balkans they make Kilims. 



    “How to pick up chicks” Slavic way

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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