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    HMS York scrambled to Scotland in security scare as Russian fleet comes within 30 miles of Britain for the first time in 20 years

        Russian crews 'blamed bad weather' for having to approach British waters
        SNP accuse Russians of dumping waste into the sea while moored off coast

    A Royal Navy destroyer was scrambled to Scotland in a major security scare after a Russian aircraft carrier came within 30 miles of British shores for the first time in 20 years.

    HMS York travelled around 1,000 miles from Portsmouth to keep watch as the 65,000 tonne Admiral Kuznetsov and a number of other battleships anchored on the edge of UK waters.

    Today the Scottish National Party accused the Russians of dumping waste into the water while moored off the coast at Moray Firth on Monday. (…)


    Well It was certaainly not just the "bad weather", but a re-awakening Russian interest to show military presence. They also resumed their Cold War patrols with long range reconnaissance airplanes and submarines.



    Close Encounters of the Third Kind!  ;D



    These two countries do not like each other in the least. Despite Cameron's pathetic attempt at warming them in Moscow incidents like this still take place.



    LMAO- What admiral Lord Nelson called Sea Holding (the ability) to maintain position of an opponent's coast no matter what the weather or technical difficulties is the mark of a real Naval Power.  Russia is a Naval mess and has been, since the Japanese destroyed their Pacific and Baltic fleets in the Russo-Japanese war.  All during World War II ships carrying Steel and Iron Ore down from Sweden sailed without German Kriegsmarine escort, because they had nothing to fear from the Soviet Navy.  In no battle of the cpld wr was th Soviet Fleet able to even hinder the US Navy or Royal Navy operations.  They are a complete waste of money.  The US Fleet is bigger than the next 13 Fleets and 11 of them are US Allies.

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