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    So how come Ukraine is not using pan-Slavic colors in their flag?

    How come yellow-blue instead of a red-white-blue color combination?



    Blue-Yellow is supposed to symbolise the Ukrainian plains. Yellow is the wheat and the blue is the sky.

    [img height=400]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/ee/Flag_colors.jpg” />



    Makes sense.Wasn't Ukraine called the granary of the Soviet union,or something like that?



    I was there in January and it was much warmer that Moscow and St. Petersburg.  Much better growing conditions



    Ukraine also has (had?) the most nutritious soil in Europe.


    Blue-Yellow is supposed to symbolise the Ukrainian plains. Yellow is the wheat and the blue is the sky.

    Yeah i know what this one represents…was just hoping to see if anybody knows how come during the Prague Slavic Congress in 1848 when everyone accepted the pan-Slavic colors in their national flags they didn't do the same (Poland also, just misses the blue color but has red and white thought).



    UKRAINIAN traditionally called a flag yellow and blue , but the constitution, he yellow and dark blue . Blue color inherited red-blue flag of USSR.
    Ukrainians traditionally call their flag "yellow- blue ".
    Yellow and blue colors symbolized the Kyivan State even before the Christianization of Rus. Since the Tartar hordes of Batu , this symbolism disappeared to be revived later on in the church ritual decorations and blazonry of Ukrainian cities. Coats of arms of cities of Ukraine Kyiv region and generally framed in yellow and blue colors. Since the XVIII century regimental and company banners of Cossacks were made of blue cloth , on which the yellow paint on the cross, stars, weapons .
    Many Ukrainian people think the right connection "yellow (sun, spiritual) – top, blue (water, material) – from below." It is this, gold and blue symbols used Trypillians.
    Actually, on this subject there is a lot of controversy.



    Ukraine is also the 10th largest exporter of wheat.



    you mean dutch colors  :D



    I've got a different question.

    Why should Ukrainians have these Slavic colors on their flag? It was their choice. In the past panslavism was not really 'optimistic' idea, owing to Russian imperialism. Panslavism was accosiated to Russian domination in the slavic world.

    This is why I do not understand asking "why Ukrainians do not have slavic colors in their flag". The answer is simple: they wanted different flag. We can also ask, why Polish flag has nothing blue. But why shall we? Every flag symbolizes something, but not everyone who was responsible for chosing a flag was thinking about Slavic heritage.

    SergiY answered why such colors – I need to say it is a good reason. ;) As far as I am not really in love with Ukrainian nation, I like their flag :] 

    (my post is a chaos of thoughts)


    Poland also, just misses the blue color but has red and white thought

    The fact that Poland has two of three of Panslavic colors is a pure coincidence, Polish colors come from the colors of the Polish coat of arms. These two have nothing in common.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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