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    What is the general term for the pronoun “what” and are there other variations of it within your country?

    In Serbian it is шта/šta.
    In Croatian it is šta.
    In Slovenian it is kaj.
    In Slovakian it is čo
    In Czech it is co (as in tso).
    In Ukrainian it is що (shcho).
    In Russian it is что (shto).
    In Belarusian it is што (što).
    In Macedonian it is што (što).
    In Bulgarian it is какво (kakvo).



    No offence but are you going to make a thread for each and every possible word?  ;D

    You can find answers on questions such as this in a dictionary of a specific language or, if you are into etymology and stuff like that, in etymological dicionaries.

    For starters:

    Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon

    Этимологический словарь славянских языков



    Thanks for the great links. Should come in handy.  



    In Croatian it is “što”,or “ća”,or “kaj”,depending on the dialect.



    In a part of čakavian areas the form ca is present, i.e. the so-called cakavizam.



    Na "Srpsko-Beogradskom" se kaže "Ša" naprimer Ša je bilo matori  ;D



    Pa evo čitam to na portalu,pa mi je malo čudno.Štokavci koje znam više manje govore što,a ne šta.Pogotovo Slavonci koji su poznati po razvlačenju riječi,pa kažu štooo.Nikad nisam čuo Slavonca da govori štaaa.Večina ekipe koju znam,a koja govori šta su iz miješanih Hrvatsko-Srpskih obitelji.



    In Polish it is "co".



    Kakvo, shto (western dialect) and slangs like k'vo, ko.
    Що тражиш тука? Ко рече? К'во чакаш?



    In most Macedonian dialects што (što) is shortened to шо (šo).



    there are also so, šo, švo speakers



    The “co” is present in Croatia as well,as a local variant of “ća”.



    In my area we also use Kva and Kuga besides Kaj. :D



    Yeah,in kajkavian speaking areas it can be “kej”,”koj”,”kuj”,and even “ke’ “.But  those are just local variants which vary from hill to hill.



    Ko pa to slišim se mi pa res kocine vzignejo Kar se tiče tega je ljubljanski pokrajinski govor daleč najbolj grda govorica kar sem jih kdaj slišal

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)

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