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    Being an island surrounded by mostly Slavic-speaking peoples, how do you view Hungarians? 

    Any cultural similarities and points in common? Or are they too different somehow? By the way, what country is Hungary most similar to, culturally?

    I doubt it, but a Slovene once told me Hungarians don’t smile so much and keep the same visage all the time, due to their Asian roots. 

    They also seem to lack the mysticism that is typical of Slavic folklore, maybe due to their Uralic religion.

    Anyway, what are you opinions?



    Why would uralic religion be any less mystical than slavic one? (Speaking of which, I was playing CK2 the other day and in it the uralic tribes I was conquering and genociding worship the earth-mother or something. What hippies.)



    The main factor that distinguishes Hungarians from their Slavic neighbors is language which is more or less the same situation like with Romania. Culturally Hungarians are fairly indistinguishable from their Slavic neighbors. Food, music, national dress is all very close. In short linguistically Hungarians are unique but culturally, and even genetically, they are very much like their Slavic neighbors. Also, I love Goulash. 



    Personally, I don’t have any opinions on Hungarians, but I do understand that Romanians in general, and a large proportion of them actually dislike Hungarians.  I’m not familiar with the reasons, just am aware of this.  



    Nobody likes them, everybody wants at least one Hungarian woman during a lifetime :smiley:. Of course there are similarities we shared same country for hundreds of years. (heh shared) as Xekoslav explained. One thing I personally really don’t like is apparent inability to learn foreign languages. I visited Budapest three times and maybe three people I encountered spoke English, only French are worse. Also Hungarians in Serbia rarely speak proper Serbian, but I blame Hungarian teacher here for that, not Hungarians.



    I’m very positive about Hungarians.



    Well, hungarian womens are good :D From what I know their genotype is about 90% slavic, however they are strongly nationalistic and most of them are proud on Atila and their ancestry. Also lot of words in modern Hungarian language has Slavic roots, for example famous Balaton is from Slavic word balato – mud. 
    And also there are lot of disputes between us (Slovakians) and Hungarians, but as long they do not start with that we are not a nation and Slovakia should be still their teritory I have no problem with them :smiley:



    Again, culturally Hungarians are almost Slavic by every measure except language. I participated in Croatian folklore when I was younger and we performed for Hungarian venues as well (they like our stuff, what can I say haha) and Hungarian culture is so compatible with Slavic culture it’s literally just plug and play. The only non slavic feature they retained is their language but keep in mind they’ve been surrounded by Slavs for centuries and even Hungary itself was inhabited by Slavs ( I’d say mostly Slovaks, and maybe some Slovene and Croat in the south) that have been magyarized linguistically but slavic tradition never died there. 



    I don’t feel anything about Hungarians. I see no difference between Hungarians and other central-eastern European nations such as Romania.

    I met a Hungarian once only. He was a plumber, a good bloke telling us about his grandchildren. Gabor was his name.



    would not say that they are hostile or unfriendly but they are definitely weird at least for southern standards like mine. Pretty women as we all know but as much as i have bumped into a hungarian they always do some weird thing, i remember shouting names by their passports id cards and nobody would answer, believe me i do not have so bad accent. In the end one of them was just in front of me, started to think he was deaf! lol
    they seem scared or they do not want to interact too much. Being in Budapest for a trip, i have never felt so unwelcome to tell the truth but its ok.



    Coming from Slovak background but growing up in the u.s I never had an opinion about them. My dad never spoke negative about them and the only thing I ever hear from my mom’s side is that her grandfather told her to never let anyone call her a Czech or Hungarian and to be proud she is slovak. 

    It wasn’t until I became older and I would listen to more Slovak music or watch Slovak videos on YouTube that I was surprised by the comment section being filled with hate from Hungarians towards Slovakia. When I spoke to my dad about it for the first time he told me something like “yea they think Slovakia belongs to them, they would beat my parents in school if they spoke Slovak. The relations aren’t that good” I was surprised I never heard any of this stuff. Now living in Europe for a while and meeting plenty of Hungarians in Vienna I find them to be very nationalistic and snobby. I mean I know plenty of nice ones but almost all of the ones ive known seem to become a bit fanatical when it comes to this topic. Literally one of my best co-workers is Hungarian and she’s totally nice, but even she becomes a bit smug if this topic comes up. I’ve even had a Hungarian girl here ask me why we Slovaks chose to speak Slovak and not Hungarian after we left them in ww1. Many of them seem to be totally ignorant about history. All in all people are people I don’t dislike anyone but if I were to generalize them I find them not bad people but abnoxious and annoying when it comes to how they feel about Slovakia. Let’s just say they aren’t my favorite people in all of Europe 



    What is interesting about the so-called Hungarian crown lands is that they had more Slavic people in their realms than Hungarians themselves. In Croatia one our historical Slavic figures, Baron Josip Jelacic, is celebrated for fighting back the Hungarian attempt to Hungarianize the land and preserving our culture, language, and status and he even lead a Slavic campaign all the way to Budapest. 



    We have a Croatian patriotic song called “Rise, Ban Jelacic” which was adopted and inspired from a poem written by a fellow Slavic Serb from Croatia describing the forced Hungarianization at the time.  

    Here is a verse:

    Mađarske zastave digo Hedervary
    Silom hoće Hrvatsku da nam pomađari.

    Ustani bane, Hrvatska te zove, zove,
    Ustani bane Jelačiću!

    Which means: 

    Hedervary (Hungarian governor of Croatia at the time) raised the Hungarian flags
    Trying to forcefully Magyarize our Croatia.

    Rise, oh ban, Croatia calls you, calls you,
    Rise, ban Jelačić!


    It’s all good unless they call my country Felvidék. Then I get pissed. :D




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