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    For those of you that follow the deities, Do recognize all of the Slavic deities as part of your pantheon or do you only recognize the ones from your current region or a specific region?






    I do hope you get some answers to this… I'd be interested in knowing myself even though I do not practice.



    Honestly I dont think there is any Rodnover here on forum that follows deities in simmilar meaning like christians or other religions practice. I personaly see Rodnovjerje, Slavic mythology and religion as a part of my culture and what I am, but not in spiritual way that I pray to Perun for example as I believe in science.
    If you understand southern slavic, you can find some information here … also facebook link how the guys running the site are practicing some "holidays". Nisan se moga sitit rici za blagdan.




    I am not specifically a Rodnover, and I actually have much to learn about slavic deities.. but I am a polytheist and maybe can shed what insight I have.
    As Svitogor says, many view it more as a part of their culture, a way of reaffirming their roots. I believe that the Gods exist, although I would say it is hard to define how or, 'in what way' they exist. I am just a man, after all.

    Personally, I don't limit myself to a small local pantheon, or even a "purely" Slavic one. While I try to frame my worldview and practices in a slavic native way, even the ancients prayed to a few Scythian and Roman deities(Hors and Devana come to mind). I respect all deities, and while I may favor a few local ones(Weles has always been important to me), I occasionally interact a bit with foreign slavic gods, sarmatian gods or ossetian saints, khazarian shamanism, etc.

    In my opinion, this is a natural heathen spirituality that reflects very much how our ancestors would have believed: Core practices being local, but being open to assimilated foreign ideas.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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