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    I've been thinking about it – since the Slavic languages are relatively similar to each other, in a way that would definitely ease the studying process for an-already speaker of a Slavic language – how many Slavic languages do you think one could speak properly w/o confusing and/or mixing them?

    I mean, obviously speaking both Russian and Ukrainian or Czech and Slovak could be somewhat confusing… what do you think?

    I'd really appreciate to hear some stories from your experience with multiple Slavic languages

    Thanks in advance!



    Indeed, quite some confusions may arise, particularly when the same words mean different things in the different languages.
    A most basic example is the word "gora" which in some Slavic languages means "mountain", while in others it means "forest". Or "mir", which means "peace", but in some languages it also means "world" (so what would Borimir mean then – "fighter for peace" or "fighter of the world"?).

    Another funny, personal example I've heard from my father comes from the differences between modern Macedonian and Bulgarian (I'm not sure whether the Serbian language was on the Macedonian or Bulgarian side in this case, I presume the former), namely the sentence "Ona e vredna i koristna". On Macedonian it means "She's valuable/worthy and helpful" (I think; correct me if I'm wrong), while a Bulgarian would understand it as "She's harmful and self-interested/greedy". ;D



    It is only vocabulary Nike.



    I think it depends on the neighbourhood arround you. For example,if you speak Macedonian you can understand few groups of slavic languages.
    With native Macedonian,you can understand naturaly:

    -Bulgarians 90%
    -Serbians 90%
    -Croatians 90 %
    -Bosnians 90 %
    -Slovenians ~ 60 %
    -Chez,Slovak ~20-30 %
    -Russian – ~ 20  %
    -Polish ~ 20 %


    It is only vocabulary Nike.

    Of course, but that's usually the more confusing part. Bad grammar simply makes you talk like a foreigner. ;)



    Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, little Slovenian, Bulgarian, Russian and that's it :D

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