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    I want to know how much different are Slavic language and Russian language. I am taking Russian course in EchoEE and if it will be easier to learn Slavic language too after finishing it then i want to try Slavic as well. I heard there is not much difference, if someone can help me clarify, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.



    what do you mean by between slavic and russian? russian is a slavic language so I think you wanted to ask the difference between russian and all other slavic languages. 

    russian is an east slavic language so it will be most similar to the other east slavic languages. If you learn russian youll most likely be able to understand some of Ukrainian and Belorussian. It will only help you minimally to learn the other slavic languages, but you will have a better grasp of them if you know russian, the grammar will be familiar to you ect. However, if you want to learn russian, learn russian to know russian not another slavic language. 



    There is no genuine Slavic language. There are attempts in recent years by some people to create a single language that would be understandable for all Slavs (and non-Slavs), such as Slovio and others.



    @Shaokang There are many genuine Slavic languages, what you’re describing is an attempt to create a non-genuine one.



    @aaaaa What I wanted to say back there is there isn’t a unique Slavic language.



    Aye, gotcha, but correcting you was still amusing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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