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    Is it common for Slavs especially Slovak Rusyns to bare Hungarian surnames. I find Hungarian surnames quite common in my genealogical research. Some names I came across were Szalony, Kmecs, Benyo and Korda 

    thank you!



    Not sure, but as Slovakia was part of Austria-Hungary, some surnames could’ve been “hungarised” without being Hungarian. But surely it’s better to wait for a voice from Slovakia on that matter ;)

    Regarding the surnames you mentioned, “Szalony” is a Polish word, while “Kmecs” looks to me like typically “hungarised” surname – in Polish there is a word “kmieć” and very likely similar is also present in Slovak and Rusyn.



    @vinmario00 yes, it is, at least with Pannonian Rusyns (their anestors migrated from from is now Slovakia and Hungaray). First that come to my mind are “Kiš” and “Nađ”, those are with Serbian spelling, it’s Kiss/Кiш Nágy/Надь. I’m not sure for that Rusyn spelling, though… And as GaiusCoriolanus said, there are a lot of hungarized Slavic surnames.



    Yes to an extent. The name Varga for example is common all over Slovakia and means shoe maker in Hungarian. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have Hungarian ancestry but it could. Doing my family tree I found a great grandmother to have the name Farkas on my mom’s side, but all of her other ancestors had Slovak names so I’m guessing she had no connection to Hungarian culture. I think eastern Slovakia was a bit more diverse and mixed so you probably have some Hungarian ancestry. Who cares though really Hungarians are essentially magyarized slavs in Slovakia. I have a couple Hungarian gedmatch kits from Slovakia and they resemble Slovaks in their admixture much more than average Hungarians in Hungary. 



    @srdcelva During Slovakia’s age of Hungarian rule magyarization was put into place and Slovaks were acclimated to Hungarian culture by loosing their language and eventually changing there surname to a Hungarian one. During this era people did not marry outside of their ethnic group or interact with other ethnicity. This made prejuduce very common. I may of had an Hungarian ancestor but I do find it far fetched. Hungarian culture was forced upon the Slavs of Austro – Hungary and lower class Slovaks would of never intermarried a ruling Hungarian. 

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