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    Search also: Taboo
    Poland [WTF is this?  :D]


    Ukraine is not a Brothel [documentary]

    Whores’ Glory [documentary]

    It Looks Pretty From a
    Distance [drama film]

    In Rural Poland, a
    romance between a metal scrapper and a neighbor’s daughter is threatened by a
    sudden disappearance that disrupts their community.

    Naked Among Wolves [drama film]

    He is smuggled into
    a concentration camp in a suitcase. He is three years old.

    Katarzyna Piasecka, Rafal Paczes: Seriously
    Funny [comedy show]

    Polish comedians hit
    the stage at Warsaw’s Klub Hybrydy for a night of funny ancecdotes and sly

    Jack Strong [drama film]

    has risen through the ranks and gained access to chilling state secrets. But
    must he betray Poland to save it?

    11 Minutes [film]

    The lives of an
    ex-con hot dog vendor, a group of nuns, an aspiring actress and other residents
    of Warsaw converge for 11 fateful minutes.




    I only heard about Jack Strong.

    “Ukraine is not a brothel” sounds to me like a documentary about the problem of sex-tourism. I checked “Taboo Poland” and it seems to be about a research on people’s rituals and beliefs that may be unusual. 

    But if you searched “Poland” and “Ukraine” came up, then something is suspicious. Recently Slavorum system made a thread about Ukraine in “Poland” section, and now this? 



    I think I will watch some of them over the weekend. I need some movies to watch.



    “Jack Strong” is about a colonel of the Polish People’s Army who at some point started to work with the CIA. 


    He is still a controversial figure here, and some make various theories about him. On the other hand whole circumstances are a subject of plenty of theories here as well. :D 
    I haven’t watched it though, so can’t say if it’s good or not. But recently I don’t watch anything :(



    Searching Bulgaria only gave me two hits.

    Bulgarian Lovers (gay film)

    Graying Spaniard Daniel (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) has a healthy budget for indulging in the finer things in life. Daniel’s favorite luxury is playing sponsor to younger men amid the lights and sights of Madrid’s gay club scene. After Daniel shares a night with handsome Bulgarian emigre Kyril (Dritan Biba), he finds himself consumed with an insatiable lust for the charismatic foreigner. But, as their relationship takes shape, Daniel’s latest conquest reveals his own manipulative tendencies.

    The Lesson (drama)

    To save her home
    from foreclosure, an honest elementary school teacher with a jobless, alcoholic
    husband must resort to extreme measures.



    Russia. Three hits.

    The Russian

    Starting in 1881,
    this film describes how the personal battle between the royal Romanovs and
    Lenin’s Ulyanov family led to the Russian Revolution.


    Inside Russia’s
    Toughest Prison

    Three Russian
    prisons unlock their doors to an international film crew and reveal what life
    inside is like for the nation’s most brutal criminals.


    Why We Fight: The
    Battle of Russia (1943 film)

    This installment of
    Frank Capra’s acclaimed documentary series highlights the need for a
    Russo-American alliance to defeat the Nazis. 



    @GaiusCoriolanus But recently I don’t watch anything.

    I am posting on the President of Poland’s FB page about this travesty. WE DEMAND VIDEO ACCESS FOR GAIUS CORIOLANUS! 



    @GaiusCoriolanus It’s not recent really – I’ve seen at least Bulgarian and Russian articles posted in the Polish board several times, including about an year ago. I’m guessing the admin is trying to slowly and subtly piss Sviatogor off by suggesting that all Slavs come from Poland or something.

    P.S. Just to note – Bulgarian Lovers is a Spanish film. It’s almost as (in)famous here as that porn movie which featured a Bulgarian yoghurt cup on its cover, or at least something as scandalous as that (the flag, maybe).

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