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    I’m happy that I found this forum with a bunch of slavs.
    I want to share video that I made about my car: Skoda Favorit: Ultimate Slav car made by Communists

    I posted this on slavsquat subreddit on Reddit and I found that people actually liked, so may be a good idea to share with you guys also <span>:dizzy:</span>



    Great job. Almost sounds like a Ferrari
    I include this for refrence:




    It is a joke. My initial reference was, almost sound like a Ferrari for poor peoples, but for some reason, I didn’t include that :D



    Well, I am completely serious here, sir. Keep working on that exhaust tune. Car is already red, which means you’re halfway there.



    Then I will make more holes in exhaust 



    Put straight pipes on the exhaust system, then hear it grumble like Soviet Tank.   :D



    Aaaah, yes, the mighty grumble of a straight 4.



    I thought it was a Serb speaking English until I saw the plates… All in all there are certainly more iconic communist cars, but it’s nice.



    I’m Macedonian, thanks for the comment :) I can put my hands on one Skoda 120 and one Moskvitch, but both are very rusted and in not working condition, so making a video about that cars are pointless.

    Certainly, I enjoyed recording this video, so I will try to find some cars like Lada to make at least another video.



    I almost feel bad about selling my 1986 jetta cat for scrap 3 months ago. Such a classic. The engine was still running like clockwork, problem was rust and lack of garage space.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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