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    Title says it all.



    Title says “living in Western Ukraine”. So he’s from Western Ukraine. 



    Yeah a strange question but i think i understand what you mean. Idk exactly but i recon Poles were settling west Ukraine in middle age and Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth also from what i have noticed in historiography often populations can change ethnic and religious identity given the circumstances and the linguistic affinity made it even easier. So some of these Uke Poles are basically descendants of Uke’s adopting Polish identity and language from settlers. So you would have to find out from where settlers came. One method is to check out dialect of these Poles in Ukraine and to which “home country” dialect it is most similar.



    @Povhec, specific regions in Western Ukraine were parts of Polish Crown before Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth started to exist. Area near Lviv was inhabited by the Lendians (one of Lechitic tribes) before the city was founded. On the other hand, before WW2 Lviv was rather multinational city. 

    Dialect may also be quite deceiving – if you’ll listen to some recordings from times of war, or from communist period, you would notice that Polish language pronounciation was different. Languages evolve all the time, actually. There are four phases in history of Polish language, the modern one started in the 30s.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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