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    I read that the suffix -vich amongst Ukrainians originated when White Croats settled around Western Ukraine. Is this true? Also my surname is Bernatovich and my family originates from Western Ukraine, what’s the chance that I have Croatian origin?



    Not true. It’s common among certain Slavs. Belarusians and Poles also have surnames with -vich or -wicz (polish spelling).



    I know that, but I also did research and Bernat is Hungarian no?



    I am not certain if it originated from the name Bernat. There’s a book on origins of surnames of west Ukrainians surnames in Rusyn section which I am lazy to check now. The surname is wide-spread among Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles. West Ukrainians have different origins including white Croats. It depends on the region of your ancestry in western Ukraine.



    Around Ivano_Frankvisk, that’s where my family’s from. Why?



    I am not asking about the region of your ancestry. Different people took part in ethnogenesis of western Ukrainians including White Croats. Ivano-Frankivsk region, for example, had some Vlach ancestry.



    Well Bernat is also a Romanian name, so you know :p I can’t know for sure until I take a DNA test



    Roman Catholics like from the Latin Church ones or Eastern Catholics?



    Western Catholics, they weren’t Polish though 



    Is Bernatovich of German origin?



    Vich, vič, vić. General suffix among probably all Slavic nations but more prevalent among some than others. It usually tells of one of your ancestors name for example Jovanović is son of Jovan but that’s not in all cases but definitely most. These surnames are mostly “static” nowadays but i assume long ago ones surname changed according to your fathers name.

    Its exclusively my opinion so it can’t be for sure but i believe that it is more prevalent among nations that kept tribalistic elements for longer.



    So my ancestor was called ‘Bernard’?



    If you are Russian and have suffix -Enko, are you of Ukrainian origin?



    @’Roman  Ivantsyk’

    Not necessarily. Maybe of mixed origins or only great grand ancestor of Ukrainian origin. Many Ukrainians settled in Russia in the last 200 years.



    Polish is Biernat same as Björn from Skandinavia

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