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    Say you’re Ukrainian and/or Russian, what’s the probability that you’ve had an Asian (Tatar, Mongol, etc) ancestor?

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Well it’s a pretty large country, thought it is possible especially in areas eastern of Moscow. While ethnically Russian and European parts are pretty much average European. 



    Rural areas of European Russia is European. Rural Volga-Ural region has some Uralic , somewhat Asian , ancestry. Urban areas of Sibera is quite European settled by eastern Europeans – Balts, Estonians, Belarusians, Poles, Ukrainians, Germans. Of course, Russians. The far east of Russia – Khabarovsk and Primorye – was mostly settled by Ukrainians in the 19th century. So was the southern Russia , Kuban’ region in particular.

    Modern day major centres of Russia is swamped by people from middle Asia and Caucases – in particular Tajiks, Uzbeks and Azerbaijani.

    Ukraine has some Asian ancestry too. The steppes of Ukraine was roamed by nomads in the past who took part in ethnogenesis of Ukrainians. They were not numerous.

    Russians, Ukrainians, Finns , Scandinavians, south-eastern European have some Asian admixture  which is negligible. I’d say white Americans have more African ancestry on average than east & north Europeans having Asian ancestry.

    Asian ancestry distribution based on Dodecad



    I’m half Rusyn and did a DNA test.  No Asia or Tatar came up.  I sometimes wonder if this claim is more of an urban myth.  Not sure if intermarriage was common between those groups and Slavs.  Even if you throw in rape, probably not a huge amount of genetic influence.  



     I did a DNA test as well and found no evidence of Asian lineage, and my family is from central Ukraine. I am pretty sure it should be the same story for most Ukrainians in the rural areas. I am sure it is different in the cities (though that is the rule in any country). 



    It’s not an urban myth it’s a western misanderstanding of slavic hystory (the part that embraces Tartar Yoke period). Somehow they think that Yoke means that slavs were raped from morning to evening. 
    They just can’t comprehend that tartars mostly took money and burned villages only if they didn’t get money out of it. Slavic women were considered ugly. There are evidences that sometimes tartars even made contracts with local slavic dukes to make military assistance in submission of other local slavic dukes.



    >tartars mostly took money

    Those were the Khazars. It’s what happens when you convert to Judaism.



    Slavic women considered ugly? That’s the first time I hear of this, for any time period and region. While in many cases they were considered rather attractive. Heck, the early Arabs even thought all European women were seductive blondes and highly promiscuous (respectively, many Slavs, both men and women, were sold as household slaves to the Arabs back then and were rather highly prized (along with Turkic slave soldiers)). Though, who knows, maybe the Mongols just had bad taste.



    Did you compared Arabs with Mongols? long lived civilisation (Empire of high culture) with nomads? Arabs it’s totally different story. They really loved white women, they are crazy even now.  

    I didn’t write about the rest of the world, I wrote only about Mongols of that period. What do you mean “bad taste”? Every nation has and had their own description and standarts of beauty. 



    If you don’t like Slavic women, then I consider that a bad taste, no matter what nation you’re from.



    pfff Arabs civilized…. tell me another fairy tale



    Desert nomads are superior to steppe nomads. Camel beats horse. Or something …



    There is approximately 111m ethnic Russians living in Russia, out of a total population of 146m; with up to 150m Russians living in the world.   Russians are by far the largest Slavic ethnic group.  

    So how did they become so populous in comparison to other slavic groups?

    Were they historically the most populous slavic group?

    Surely there is some ethnic groups that have been slavicised along the way in that large Russian ethnic population. 



    @GLK Prior to the Soviet period there were as many Ukrainians as Russians, possibly more. Holodomor and WWII alone killed more than half of Ukraine’s population in just 13 years.



    @Mavka did it really? Do you have any references for that claim?

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