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    "The world would be destroyed if I would not commit to action! I would be the cause of the mixing of the varnas and the death of nations" -Bhagavad Gita

    This post is dedicated to bringing to light an alternative way by which one can get out of the all encompassing crisis of the European world.
    The world is changing, the world is transforming. No past form of resistance would have effect today. A new form of struggle must be shaped.

    The totalitarianism of democracy under the guise of tolerance has used the image of the “modern” state in order to entrap and deteriorate nations for their imperialistic globalist agenda. States are no longer effective in protecting the interests of their nations. Instead, these modern states have taken such form and substance that it is destroying and deteriorating human society. These “modern” state systems do everything possible through legislation and social policy in order destroy the ethnic national organisms.
    The Aryan race has created civilization and order within, but has lost control of this process. We do not control the course of events anymore. Is there any hope for the Aryan race to regain it's leverage?

    In today's world, promotion and implementation of ideas are proposed to be pushed forward in a democratic, parliamentary manner. Based on previous experience of far-right political forces, it is safe to say that by using democratic methods, we will lose precious time in the pursuit of interest, ratings and seats in parliament and government. In this form of struggle we cannot change the system that is so toxic to our nation. The path of democratic totalitarianism guarantees to the absolute that democratic totalitarianism will be the only idea to rule within the nation and will not allow room for others. In other words, no matter how much effort and “progress” you have made within the system, your efforts will be in vain. The system will remain intact.
    Today, standards are in act which were created by the global “elite” for the people and it's nations. Under one standard nations are brought into a democratic state of totalitarianism. These “modern” states with the assistance of their laws and enforcement, destroy and deteriorate all nations, with their procrustean methods utilizing a uniform matrix of general rules and principles. This process is referred to as compliance to international standards. Within the matrix there is no possibility for the freedom of the nation to choose it's own path. Within this matrix there cant even be discussion of taking into consideration a nations god given right to self-determination. Actions of any political force that has chosen to fight for the right to participate in the system of democratic totalitarianism, representing that or any other state, will always be used to the advantage of the global “elite” in their purposes. The awareness of the representatives of the political force, their state of affairs or their desires do not change this fact.
    The main goal of democratic totalitarianism is the destruction of racial national organisms. Why? Due to the inordinate greed of the global “elite” for enrichment and power to control. Because of their loyalty to the goals and ideas of imperialism.
    To be able to create economic resources have political power, these "rulers" need to create social systems that would work toward their goals. Social systems are created from people.
    People are the most valuable resource on the planet Earth. It is people who create material and cultural values. It is people who push forward scientific and technological progress. States are composed of people. Without people one cannot create financial resources nor political power.
    People are a social creature. People always create social structures to accomplish their goals and plans. Over the past thousand years it has been the white race that has mastered the art of creating social systems. White people were able to create perfect national. These national organisms can be considered as living beings of a higher level, which are consisted of people. The white race is most capable at creating social systems, as well as converting them to adapt to changes, thanks to our innate talent for creativity.
    In other words the most valuable element in the creation of social systems are the European people. This is the reason why white nations are suffering from the war against their people and the destruction of their national organisms. These “modern” states are conducting a deliberate and calculated policy for the dissolution white people, as well as destroying national, social, cultural and family ties of white people. When a man is alone within a state as a separate element or as an individual lacking social connections, that is when the global "elite" are able to socially engineer people into the way that they see fit. Thus they seize a critical mass element from the national organisms of white people. This action leads to the dissolution of the European nations in the mass of foreign races, which leads to the fall of "white" nations and the entire white race as a result.
    Therefore it is necessary to go beyond the matrix created for us by the global "elite." To not live by rules and criteria that are imposed on us by the state of democratic totalitarianism.
    In the global system of democratic totalitarianism, humanity is given no opportunities for freedom of choice, self-expression and identity.

    For more than two thousand years, the European world has been trying to master the idea of imperialism. The most successful empire and greatest in extent was achieved in the imperial idea of the Roman Empire which was seen as the most ideal form of government in the eyes of Western elites. This idea was based on seizing and taking over peoples living in other lands. Starting from 27 BC this imperial idea was reborn in its various forms: Roman Empire, Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), Holy Roman Empire, Moscow – the Third Rome, & the "Third Reich." Even Ottoman sultans claimed to inherit the Roman legacy. European elites, creating the European Union also kept in mind the preservation and continuation of the Roman legacy, as the vision of a ideal state. The political elite of the United States of America in their time also embarked on implementing the ideas of imperialism. As a result, the mesmerization of the global political elites by this imperial idea, led to the emergence of globalization. Imperialists becoming "rulers" of the World craftily used religion and economics as a tool to implement harmful ideas and socially engineer the people to their benefit.
    In historical time imperialism always only carried to people who have become its bearers. Imperialism destroys and dissolves racial identity in the mass of the ethnic melting pot, destroying connections between generations and demoralizing society. Imperialist ideas have brought the white race to the brink of survival. Only by denying the ideas of imperialism can we pave the way through for the white race a path into the future.
    The idea of global imperialism can be resisted and defeated by the sacred and pure Aryan tradition of Freedom & Liberty. States of free peoples, not a multiracial ethnic melting pot. A hero-knight, not a imperial soldier. Respect for our ancestors customs, order and harmony, against totalitarian world government.

    Therefore political network "Ruthenian Legacy" declares, the
    right of the people to self-determination as a basic political freedom to be gained in the XXI century.

    People create nations. The nation is the highest form of self-organization of a people. Belonging to a nation is a voluntary choice of the white man. But, of course, the basis of the nation, are people of one ethnic group, one culture, customs, traditions, etc.. Therefore, we propose an alternative political system – Ethnocracy.
    Objectively, the human individual is unable to exist outside of a society. To survive a person needs to interact with other people. The highest form of self-organization of society is a national organism. Therefore Ethnocracy sees the national body as a higher value than the individual.
    Ethnocracy – a social system in which government is formed from the representatives of the national elite of people, the best representatives of the nation. Ethnocracy is focused on the nation as a priority and recognizes the right of all people to self-realization and freedom.
    Ethnocracy seeks the destruction of empires and imperialist ideas in any form. Without freedom of a people as a whole there cannot be freedom for man as an individual!
    Ethnocracy seeks the development of ideas and the formation of healthy nationalism among nations. Preservation of national traditions and the construction of nation-states based on the heroic, knightly world of our ancestors as well as the development of advanced technologies and scientific achievements of our time.
    To create a new world built on the principles of Ethnocracy we must change the political system of the current “world order” by destroying the old system of democratic totalitarianism, as it is a manifestation rooted from imperialistic ideology.

    Great danger also lies for the world in the fact that people of this world are not ready for the technological breakthroughs which are going to come to fruition in our time . With access to powerful/high-tech technology states with democratic totalitarianism will be able to get absolute control over man and the global “elite” will have control over all the processes and people in the world.
    The freedom of choice and creativity have always been a fundamental value of the white people. Therefore, during this technological revolution it is important to change the political structure of the world, if we do not want to remain in a slave society under absolute control of the global elite. The global empire certainly plans to use technology to permanently take control of individuals and entire nations to manipulate as mindless zombies.
    Technology – it is a tool in the hands of the people. One must make a choice how to use the technology they can be used for achieving shameful goals – inversion of individuals and peoples into slavery or used for the acquisition of humanity and peoples complete freedom, the embodiment of the ideal of freedom of choice.
    Advances in technology can make the seemingly impossible, to give people the freedom of choice, to give people the opportunity to embody all their wishes and fantasies. This requires a fundamental consensus from human communities and their elites to be able to give people the opportunity of complete freedom of choice. After all, not everyone can fit seamlessly into a national organism , there are people for whom it would be better and more idealistic to create a virtual reality and fulfill their wishes and desires to acquire happiness and satisfcation there without causing harm to their societies.
    The Political Network "Ruthenian Legacy" proposes this alternative, which will be available in the near future. The path of complete freedom of choice for nations as well as for the people. For the choice of the nations and the people will depend on their duties and this is very important.
    Advances in technology will enable a gamer to meet their desires and realize and fulfill their fantasies without creating a negative impact on this reality and not causing any violations of the rights of others. This is the key to avoiding major conflicts between communities as well as within society. It is therefore necessary to give complete freedom of choice for nations and the freedom of choice in regard to duty for every person. If a person does not want to take on certain social obligations and our reality is not to their liking, a person has the right to choose a different reality, their own reality. However, everyone should understand that the Aryan approach in providing complete freedom and liberty for man and nations, we automatically enter into a conflict with the interests of new empires, with the interests of world governance. After all with this act we liberate from under their control a large mass of people who would rather choose liberty and freedom.

    Thus, a high-tech society gives humanity two paths:
    the path of total control of empires over man and nations;
    the path of freedom of choice, or joining with a national body and living a life in the real world, or an opportunity for everyone to create their own world within their own realities.
    the survival of white race as a whole depends on the decision that we make in regards to the issue of changing the political and social structure of the world!

    Whereas the world is truly ruled by ideas, and not by enforcing authorities, we offer people a worthy idea for which to live and fight for.
    The main value of the white man has always been liberty and freedom. The basis of creation and functioning of the world has always been freedom. . Before the creation of the universe the Creator decided to grant us with freedom of choice and free will and so we must also grant others freedom of choice . Therefore, we propose every nation of the world and every man to fight alongside us for the right of freedom of choice. It would be correct and just in relation to everyone. To fight for the right of freedom of choice for peoples and their nations, to stand for liberty means following the path of Svarog, the path of the Aryan.
    We will not deny anyone in the right to play with us in this created space, by rules of honor.

    "Ruthenian Legacy"


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