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    The Kyiv Post has reported that the leader of a Ukrainian group of topless feminist protesters has been barred from Russia.

    It came shortly before members of Femen were attacked in Paris for breaking up a demonstration by Catholics against same-sex marriage.

    The Femen leader, Hanna Hutsol, was prohibited from entering Russia at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport on a flight from Paris. She faces deportation.

    Femen invariably generates enormous publicity from its topless protests, including the one in Paris today

    ! Private video

    Femen protesters take to the streets in Paris to an angry reaction (some nudity).

    One of the organizers, Inna Shevchenko, explained at a recent seminar in the City of Lights that her group is opposed to prostitution.

    "We are attacking the sex industry, censorship, and the church religions," she explained.

    Shevchenko revealed that members of the group began removing their T-shirts in 2010 because no one reacted to their protests over the previous two years. Taking off their clothes, she said, was a way for women to demonstrate they have control over their bodies.

    everydayrebellion.com presents: Inna Shevchenko from Femen at SciencesPo University

    Inna Shevchenko explains why Femen protesters go topless.

    Femen activists characterized today's event in Paris as "a homophobic Catholic demonstration", which is why they intervened.

    They entered the crowd dressed as nuns before peeling off their habits and chanting, "In gay we trust." This caused a furious reaction.

    Католики побили FEMEN в Париже / Femen activists beaten up in Paris

    Femen faces the fury of some French Catholics (some nudity).

    The feminist group undergoes intense training in advance of its actions. The video below provides some insights into this area.

    The next video in the source article



    Topless women and Gay men? Isn't that oxymoron?
    Anyway, they chose most de-christianized place on Earth (Even Meka ha more Christian spirit than Paris) to protest against Roman Catholic Church. Is that cowardice, lazines or what. Somehow it is like protesting against Fidel Castro in Miami.
    In summ I dont have doubt's that they will fit well in France. They could even climb on socila lader there. :D



    To be honest I didn't expect such a strong anti-gay resistance and manifestations in France. Although it doesn't change anything, glad to know that there still exist some normal people, I guess there were lots of native French guys in catholic demonstration.



    Well, I am surprised as well. But I think aestethic criteria played big role.  ;D In end, it is refreshung to see, that bunch of feminist nazies outside of Slavic lands. :)

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