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    I want information on the origin of my name : Łopuszko-Łopuszyński

    I know it comes from Olsztyn in Poland, it dates from the 14th century, but I do not know any more.
    If someone comes from Olsztyn and knows people with this name, or has already read somewhere, I'm interested for information.

    Thank you in advance.



    Łopuszyński as far as i understand would mean "theif" while Łopuszko would be diminutive of "thief".

    In Croatia we have a similar word, "Lopuža" which would mean "a cunning person" or "Lopov" which would mean thief. Thought not sure if in Polish it has the same meaning, but sounds like it.

    If true, one of your ancestor might have been a village thief and got his surname by his or his own ancestors action :D

    also i understand there are some places (towns and villages) with different forms of the word, so also it could be just a surname derived from one of the villages etc.

    Some Polish member will give you a better insight i hope :D



    In Polish we have "łupież" which may mean stealing, and as dandruff. But I would not equate neither of both with this surname. We have a word "łopuch" which is a type of burdock. But "łopucha" is a type of radish.

    We have also Łopusze:


    Only in Polish.

    I have not found anything more interesting. On wikipedia I have also found this man:


    Wacław Łopuszyński, he was born in Tykocin. It is in Podlaskie Voivodeship.



    Well, "lopush" is spinach in Bulgarian.

    K. Well, it looks like spinach. I was wrong, apparently.

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