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    Statute of Saint Prince Volodimir
    Just years past conversion. Take special note of tract 9.

    9. And these are [the cases subject to the jurisdiction of] church courts: divorce; fornication; adultery; rape; abduction [of women]; [disputes] between a husband and wife over an inheritance; [cases which arise] if [a man and woman] marry within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity or spiritual relationship [which stem from acting as godparents for someone]; witchcraft; [making of] potions; [making of] charms; sorcery; magic; these three dishonors: [accusations of] fornication and [making of] poisons, heresy; fighting [in which a man bites another]; or [cases in which] a son beats his father or [if] a daughter [beats] her mother, or a daughter-in-law [beats her] mother-in-law; if brothers or children bring suit over an inheritance; church theft; [cases in which] people uncover a [buried] corpse; [if some people] cut down a cross or carve [mutilate?] a cross on the walls; or [if someone] leads cattle, or dogs, or fowl [into church] without good reason, or does anything else not fitting for church; or [if] two friends fight and the wife of one grabs the other by the genitals and crushes [them]; or [if] they catch someone with a four-legged animal [about to sacrifice it? committing bestiality?] or [if] someone prays [to a pagan god] beneath a grain-drying bin, or in a copse of trees, or by the water; or if an [unmarried] girl aborts a fetus.

    Such a deep look into the Rus culture at the time of conversion. Praying to a pagan god beneath a grain drying bin, in a copse of trees or by the waters gives us modern heathen type folks a good idea where we should be worshiping.

    Also the part about an unmarried girl aborting a baby…does this mean it was ok for a married woman to abort a baby during this period?

    The whole thing can be seen here on my blog:

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