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    So far Grigor Dimitrov in 2017 has been unbeaten after winning the Brisbane International Tournament, and he has now progressed through to the Semi Final in the Australian Open in Melbourne.

    He faces the winner of the Raonic (fellow Montenegrin-Serb/Canadian) vs Nadal match in the SF.  He holds a good record against Raonic, and recently beat Nadal.

    Then he’s going to face the winner of the Wawrinka (slav ancestry on his paternal side) vs Federer match in the Final.  He holds a great record against Wawrinka, and in my opinion is likely to face him, whilst is yet to beat Federer.

    Either way its a hard road ahead, but he has some serious form.

    Slavs are nicely represented in the Mens Finals of the Australian Open.

    Could he be the first Bulgarian Grand Slam Winner in this tournament?

    If so, could he be the greatest sports-man from Bulgaria since Dimitar Berbatov, Hristo Stoichkov, or Trifon Ivanov (bog da go prosti)?



    At 7.4-1 odds to win the tournament on Betfair, he is actually the rank outsider to win. 

    I think he’s incorrectly priced in the betting market given his form.



    Nadal through to SF after knocking out Raonic. 

    Could Nadal be the Slav slayer in the Australian Open?

    Let’s see what Dimitrov can do in the SF.



    I hope Nadal and Federer in the final, and then I don’t care who wins 



    Dimitrov is a playboy. He is not a serious player. Although everything is possible, his chances are very poor. Personally, I would like to see Nadal vs Federer, Nadal winning eventually. After all, he is a fellow Slav from Russia (Nadalevski), it’s just that he tries to cover it by putting on the Spanish accent, but he can’t fool anybody.



    @srdceleva Yes, a lot of people here in Australia are hoping for a Nadal and Federer final.  Both have come back from injury from last season and are playing top tennis.  Personally, I think the Men’s tennis will have a change of guard this season, as the top 4 have been dominant for a while now.  Nadal is favourite to win on the betting now, but I think Wawrinka and Dimitrov have serious form and will be very hard to beat.



    People here in Serbia are obsessed with tennis for the last ten years (ever since Đoković became so successful), everybody are experts in that sport, just like in football and every child knows the rules. People were a bit shocked when he lost, but majority here sees Federer as an asshole and Nadal as a Đovak’s* friend. So go Nadal! may he successfully retrieve underwear from his but before every serve.
    *Đovak is a common nickname for him, combination of his first and last name, mostly used by young people often while being sarcastic. Some people a bit sick of tennis here.



    @Dusan Yeah, it’s true that. Nadal has some sort of OCD where he touches his face first and then pick’s his guzica every-time before a serve.  Maybe’s his clothes are too tight.  Oh well, I’m sure the ladies prefer the tighter clothes.



    @GLK yea they will be hard to beat but experience in finals and semis  goes along way in grandlsams. I hope Nadal wins it all, though Im a big Federer fan as well so either way I’d be pumped to see either of em win. 

    @Dušan people see Federer as a jerk? Haha probably because he told djokovics parents to be quiet, though they deserved it, they were screaming like crazy. I can’t see Federer as a jerk though. I went to the US open once and was waiting right next to the practice courts to get autographs. You can tell who is a jerk and not by the way they treat the fans. Federer was by far the nicest from all of them, Nadal was really nice as well but you can see he’s more shy. Roddick was a jerk though lol. Djokovic was just like on t.v, pretty nice guy but has a big ego. 



    Go Grigor…



    @srdceleva Not because of that yelling, I didn’t even know about that, although I don’t watch tennis often. In generally he just gives people here that vibe I guess.



    Federer v Wawrinka SF on now.  Should be a cracking match.  Federer leads him head to head 13 wins to 0 losses on Hard Court surface.  I fancy Wawrinka in an upset, one of the best backhands ever to play the game.



    Looks like Federer in the Final.



    GLK It was only on one occasion that Wawrinka had guts to play Federer and Federer’s wife intervened…



    @anna25 Wawrinka wins 3rd set.  Now takes the break to lead in the 4th set.  He has the skills and game plan to beat Federer, no doubts about that.

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