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    is the surname Соболевский/Sobolewski Russian or Polish in origin ?




    This surname in 60% of cases has Polish origin, and is going on either from Poland itself, or from bordering countries (Ukraine, Belarus). Almost all representatives of the families belonged to the Polish nobility. About 10% percents of its carriers could be descendants of the ancient Russian princely and boyar family. In both cases surname usually indicates the place where lived ancestors of man long time ago, but also it can occur from nickname of the distant ancestor of man. In addition, 30% of cases, this name was obtained by an ancestor-priest, when he was issued from the seminary. In these cases, surname was given to the will of the leadership of the school.

    The surname Sobolewski belongs to the type not very common in the territories of Russia. In the extant historical documents namesakes were important persons of the Slavic clergy of Murom in XVII-XVIII centuries, who had a sovereign privilege. Initial reference to the surnames can be found in the index of the census of Russia during the reign of Ivan the Terrible


    Sobolevskie – kind of the midieval Smolensk nobility of Polish origin. Although their direct family ties in the period up to 1654 with other known Polish aristocratic clans have not been seen  yet, in Smolensk Sobolevskies never had any doubts about their noble origin and the rights of the Polish coat of arms "Slepowron."

    It is known that after the return of Smolensk to Russia in 1654, several hundred of the Polish gentry (just over 600, 385 of them are Catholics) took the oath of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, and then went to the Orthodox Church, having received estates  and  service from the Russian princes. Rather, they were mostly men who sought to preserve their estates or poor Smolensk gentry, younger sons, who in Poland and Lithuania had no prospects.

    Sobolewski surname is most often originated from the town "Soboleve" in Podlaskie voevodstvo of Poland, near Suwalki, which was owned by Sobolevskie at the end of the XVII century. Another their village was called Pentki, so many cariers of surname called themselves "Pentki-Sobolevskiy". The origin of the surname is associated, of course, with "sable", which could give the name for "Soboleve".

    I'm not sure in my correct spelling of Polish town's names in the text.



    thanks for that. very helpful :)

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