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    So basically the ukrainian government is going to rehab centers and beating the crap out of its own people. Can anyone explain to me why? I dont speak russian or ukrainian.



    Ukrainian authorities state administration of rehabilitation centres detain people forcefully.  Relatives of drug-attics pay a lot of money to these centres for rehabilitation of their relatives. Also some administration of these centres participate in corruption schemes. Through these centres certain doctors sell psychotropic medications that can be prescribed by qualified psychiatrists . In short the centres are making money while illegally detaining people.

    Authorities probably bashed those who are behind corruption schemes in these centres. That’s Ukrainian style these days. It’s rough in many government agencies and on the streets of their cities.

    Also, plenty of illegal weapons are circulating around. You read stories about a certain person threw a grenade in the court room. A week a someone shot at restaurant in Kiev from rocket propelled grenade. Poland and Belarus tightened their borders to prevent smuggling of weapons from Ukraine.



    Who is Pastor Tischenko and why are you reading his FB page? Does Pastor Tischenko cite a source for his allegations of abuse? The video could be fake.

    Anyway, I have not heard about this abuse, but I am sure there is abuse of vulnerable people in Ukraine. Ukraine is less regulated than the USA, and USA has many cases of abuse of vulnerable people (elderly, disabled, etc.). I swear I see such stories nearly everyday.

    This post from Pastor Tischenko is interesting. 

    On 11 March 1931, the sale and import of the bible were prohibited in the USSR. The book of declared antisovetskoj, as it was contrary to the ideas of Marxism-Leninism. The Soviet Encyclopedia is available to explain that Jesus Christ is a mythical personality, and the Bible is a ” Collection of Jewish myths that church use for the purpose of the eclipse of the people’s consciousness “. instead of the holy book recommended to reading suffer ” fun bibles “, filled with cartoons. And for the children, the antireligioznaâ alphabet.

    11 марта 1931 года в СССР были запрещены продажа и ввоз Библии. Книга объявлялась антисоветской, поскольку противоречила идеям марксизма-ленинизма. Советская энциклопедия доступно разъясняла, что Иисус Христос — мифическая личность, а Библия — «сборник еврейских мифов, которую церковники используют в целях затмения сознания народа». Вместо Священного Писания рекомендовались к прочтению издевательские «Веселые библии», наполненные карикатурами. А для детей – антирелигиозная азбука.



    Жека Тарасов · 2:03:04 I agree, Irina, thanks to God and church, I haven’t used drugs in 2 years. ))

    I guess Pastor Tischenko and the Protestant churches are helping people in Ukraine. That is a good thing.



    I wish I could understand the video. This is interesting. Christian TV – Ukraine. Paster Tischenko.



    @Sviatogor So youre saying that the people in the video are just making it up about the government beating them up, and that its really these rehab centers that are the bad guys?  Ukraine seems insane.

    @Karpivna  I dont follow him, a family friend from Texas randomly shared a post about it on their wall. I dont trust protestant preachers. Cahtholic priests get their salary from the church, and usually dont live in luxury. Protestant preachers can live like rappers and hollywood stars.  



    I believe authorities are beating people up in rehab centres.  There has to be a reason. Authorities don’t pick several random rehab centres coming there to beat people up.  I also know there are many unlawful activities in many places and institutions around Ukraine. Whether it’s education, healthcare, property administration and management, sea ports.

    For example, there’s a devastation of forest in Polessie of Zhytomir and Rivno regions from illegal amber mining. Police couldn’t do anything about illegal mining and miners. Government had to call for regular Ukrainian forces. They still haven’t solved problems. Take a look :

    One of fastest rate of deforestation in Carpathians mostly from illegal logging.

    I won’t be surprised if certain rehab centres are involved in illegal activites.



    @srdceleva  >Is Ukraine abusing its own people?

    Go back 18 Feb 2014. Ukraine was KILLING its own people.



    @Karpivna it looks more like rioters attacking police men. 



    Ukraine is like one big Ponzi scheme 



    @Karpivna @Sviatogor 
    I thought maybe youd find this article interesting.

    This year I’ve gotten to know more Russian people in Vienna for some reason. One thing that I noticed about Russians is they like to be inclusive of other Slavic nation’s, if they find out you are Slavic of some kind they like to include you not like many other Slavic countries I know. Also they have a big country mindset which reminds me of Americans in many ways. So far they seem like nice people. I like poles, but polish people seem arrogant many times and like to be exclusive. They could learn from Russians. 



    @srdceleva What are Slovaks like from your pov?



    That describes exactly how I act.  If I hear a Slavic language in the street, from a tourist or a foreign worker, I work to become their friend, exactly because they are Slav.  I made good friends with people from Poland, Russia itself, and Bolgaria last year.



    Bolgaria? Is that east slavic polonogolosie striking again?



    @”Kapitán Denis” of course I’m biased towards Slovaks but I’ll try to describe them how I see best. Slovaks have a couple of different sides. Slovaks can be a bit impatient at times, even a bit agressive. At the same time they have a very compassionate side which I don’t see in the west, I don’t know about other Slavic countries but Slovaks have a very sweet and loving side. I’ll give an example of this. I always say Austrians have this cold and kind of aggressive side but they lack the compassionate side Slovaks have. When I was a 5 year old and going to Slovakian kindergarten in my dad’s village I had a teacher who seemed very mean and strict to what I was used to in the u.s. one day though for whatever reason I didn’t want to go to school and I was crying that I didn’t want to go. The same teacher who I thought was mean saw me and was so nice to me, saying neplač neboj sa. She put me on a chair and gave me candy and said today you don’t have to do anything if u don’t want to. No one would ever treat me like that in the u.s or the west, even at that age. This describes Slovaks well for me. Slovaks though have a general insecurity which I think comes from being some what abused by other nations. Young people seem quite different than old people though. 

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