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    Released about 1 hour ago from USA State Department.

    Crimea Is Ukraine

    Press Statement

    Heather Nauert
    Washington, DC
    March 14, 2018

    Four years ago this week, Russia held an illegitimate, fabricated “referendum” in Ukraine in a futile attempt to legitimize its purported annexation of Ukrainian territory. Crimean residents were compelled to vote under scrutiny by heavily armed Russian troops. Russia’s claim that Ukrainians made a free choice in that sham “referendum” has always lacked credibility.

    In his campaign rally in Crimea today, President Putin reiterated Russia’s false claims to Ukrainian territory in another open admission that the Russian government disdains the international order and disrespects the territorial integrity of sovereign nations.

    In light of Putin’s remarks, it is important to call attention to the illegitimacy of the staged “referendum,” but also to the tremendous human costs the Russian government has imposed on the people of Crimea. Over the past four years, Russia has engaged in a campaign of coercion and violence, targeting anyone opposed to its attempted annexation. Russian occupation authorities have subjected Crimean Tatars, ethnic Ukrainians, pro-Ukrainian activists, civil society members, and independent journalists to politically motivated prosecution and ongoing repression, while methodically suppressing nongovernmental organizations and independent media outlets.

    We stand behind those courageous individuals who continue to speak out about these abuses and we call on Russia to cease its attempts to quell fundamental freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association, and religion or belief.

    We reaffirm our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. Crimea is part of Ukraine and our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine.

    Glory to Ukraine!




    Nobody cares about USA decrees in that (this) part of the world



    No there in Crimea thinks so.  No one in Crimea or Eastern Ukraine wants to be in the neonazi experiment that is post-Euromaiden Ukraine.  Knowing people from Lugansk and the rest of the Donbas, the sentiment expressed in Crimea is echoed in Donbas.  More than 70% are Russians, so it was Russians (Русские) who voted to rejoin Russian.  It was decided the moment the Crimean Autonomous Republic held the referendum.  Russia did not hold the initial independence referendum.  Then, a referendum held by the newly independent Crimea declared a desire to rejoin Russia, a territory in which there was a 60-year separation from, despite cultural and linguistic similarities.  Crimea never had any need for being Ukrainian, and neither Novorossiya.  Thus, any arguments the US has are moot.  Trump needs to get his head out of the sand and acknowledge the truth: Крым русский!



    None of this matters, as everything east of Germany and north of Greece is Russia. Duh.



    Restore the Soviet Union! Problem solved. Advise from Friesland. Maybe we will join the Union too. Frisian SSR.



    @Frisian Why would you join the Soviet Union? :/



    @Frisian You’re a well of bad ideas. :D



    The Russian Empire sounds a tad bit less…genocidal.  Maybe that?  Then Friesland can be the Frisian Gubernija.



    – from USA State Department.
    – Glory to Ukraine

    that’s very funny



    Ok, some explaining;

    I worked in the Soviet Union. I am not even and was not a communist! I do not want a new Soviet Union Stalin style!  (Do not worry).

    @ MikhailA made the best remark. Than Friesland can be the Frisian Gubernija.

    Let Flanders-Netherlands can also join!

    I only want and end between all this hate between Germans and Slavs and Slavs (Ukraine-Russia).  We should by friends! Maybe it is my age, but I liked the music, the people of the Soviet Union since 1974 and I was not happy in 1992, when Yeltsin took over from this in the West so beloved Gorbatsjov.
    For us in the West things everything became worse after the collapse of the USSR. So make it a  Slavic Union new style. Maybe a Romanov could rule the country again , like the modern Kings in the west now do. A lot of conclicts would be solved. 
    A democratic social state ! Where money is comming on the second place and friendship on the first place!
    Let my dream.
    Europe is not America and never will be!



    Friesland of all places.  It must beautiful. I only know that it is in the Netherlands and north-western Germany. It has a famous breed of diary cows. And that Friesian dialect is most similar to English, old English, among all other Germanic languages and dialects.



    @ Dear Sviatogor thank you about your kind words about my region. But Frisian is not a dialect..it is a recognised  language! 





    Are Dutch and Frisian  or Lower German and Frisian mutually understanable?




    I only want and end between all this hate between Germans and Slavs and Slavs (Ukraine-Russia).  We should by friends! 

    There’s no hate between Germans and Slavs and you can’t stop the fights between Slavs.
    You can’t unify Slavs. The harder you try, the more they fight. :D
    Russia and Ukraine are fighting because Russia is trying to unify with Ukraine. Imagine what would happen if you tried to unify all Slavs. :D



    @Sviatogor . The answer is ; No, a Frisian has to learn Dutch in school. So most Frisians (99%) know Dutch very good.

    For the other people in the Netherlands and Flanders who are Dutch speakers , Frisian is unknown and not learned at school.  They do not understand it. They better know English or German. In Flanders they understand also the French language very good.
    Frisian is an alien language for them all (Outside Friesland).  Outsiders  sometime think they (Frisians) are talking Danish. It does not sound English to me as a Dutch man. I understand it very well.  My father is Flemish, my mother partly Frisian. Flemish is not a language, that is a dialect.    

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