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    Iva Butorac from Rijeka is the first Croatian to go into space.


    The 27-year-old from Rijeka, who won the half-hour sub-orbit trip on Rocketship Tours during a hockey game, said she was both delighted and scared.

    "I had to take a short drink," Butorac said when she heard her namecalled over the loudspeakers.

    "I still can’t believe that they called my name. I am in a complete shock," said Butorec who was chosen from 10 finalists.

    "I am afraid, but it appeals to me to experience weightlessness, to go to space, look at the Earth’s surface," she said.

    During the half-hour flight, Butorac will wear a real astronaut's suit and will try out what it feels like to be feather-light 61 kilometers up. She will do all of that in the revolutionary aircraft Lynx Marc 1 which will take off from California's Mojava airport.

    The total cost of this once in a lifetime adventure is 95,000 dollars and includes the flight, standard insurance, medical examination, five-nights stay in the exclusive hotel in Phoenix's surroundings, and a DVD shot with cameras located inside the craft.


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