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    Here is a spot for jokes. First one;<br /><br />What is included in every Yugo owners manual? A bus schedule! D



    What is the great American dream?  For all the blacks to swim back to Africa with a puerto rican under each arm



    Why are pubic hairs curly?  So you don't poke your eyes out !




    I have one too: What is a difference between slovak and canadian wood-cutter. None, both can buy ticket to Bratislava (capital of Slovakia).



    Why did Hitler kill himself? He received the payment order for gas.



    Hey hey, no jokes about Hitler.

    My great grandfather died in a concentration camp.

    He fell out of the guard tower.



    I bet you did Nazi that coming.

    anne frankly, I didn't either.



    Good jokes ppl. :D This one i will about to say might not be funny and most of you won't understand it but i will say it anyway;

    Who is greatest Slovene biathlete ever?

    Jakov Fak! :D



    What do you call a jewish homosexual?  A Heblow.

    What do you call a Irish homosexual?  A Gaylick.

    Hoe many Jews can you fit in a Volkswagen?  Ten, two in front,  two in back and six in the ashtray



    As we are on Slavorum it only feels right to tell jokes with Slavic thematics (well, that and those rodv's jokes about jews)

    Two Istrians went to New York, and as they're walking the Fifth Avenue one feels the terrible urge to fart, so he tells the other about it. He then inquires about where he should do it, as not to upset the Americans, and then goes into a dark alley. Once he relieved himself, a black man behind him starts to yell HEY MAN WHADDAFUCK!? At once he starts running back to the other and says

    – dammit as I did it one man got burned!



    What do you call an epileptic who falls into a lettuce patch?  Seizure salad…….



    Here is a BiH joke.
    Fata pravi jaja i pita Muju,"Hocesli da ti razbijem jaja?"
    "Hoces da ti razbijem sise?"  ;D



    A translation of a Serbian joke

    Gypsy kid ask his dad: "Dad, what are the chances to go on sea this summer?"
    Gypsy dad: "Well, there's 60% that we'll go, and 100% that we won't go"  ;D



    Sorry that I post it in Polish, but I cannot translate the joke to English without any sense loss. Found it on my friend's facebook post.

    “Fachowcy z Ukrainy przyjechali na gospodarstwo do Irlandii wymalować facetowi dom. Jako że byli z Ukrainy mieli w zwyczaju przed robotą chlapnąć ze dwie sety, ale niestety nie mieli za co.
    Sprzedali więc farbę, kupili flaszkę, drugą, trzecią, i w końcu przepili wszystko.
    Po jakimś czasie fachowcy widząc że zbliża się właściciel domu, szybko resztką farby wysmarowali koniowi mordę.
    Właściciel się pyta:
    – Dlaczego nic nie jest pomalowane?
    – Bo koń wypił całą farbę!
    Właściciel bez zastanowienia wyciąga strzelbę i strzela koniowi w łeb.
    – Dlaczego od razu tak brutalnie? – pytają fachowcy ze zdumieniem.
    – A na ch*j mi taki koń. Ostatnio jak byli tu murarze z Polski to 10 worków cementu wpie**olił.”



    Kako je Pinokio saznao da je drveni lutak?
    – Drko pa se zapalio!

    It's in Cro, sorry :)

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