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    A knobstick is a wooden walking stick which have a knob for a handle. Hence the name :) The stick is commonly the length of a walking stick (distance from the floor to one’s wrist with elbow slightly bent).

    A knobstick can also be used as a club or a cudgel. The heavy knob can be used for striking as well as parrying and disarming an opponent. The use of knobsticks as weapons has a particularly long tradition in Ireland.

    And it seems that the knobstick also has a long tradition among the Slavs, particularly in the Balkans, where it was not only used as a weapon but also as a symbol of power held by the tribal elders. I believe that the knobstick could be the oldest symbol of power in patriarchal societies. I believe that the knobsticks were the original scepters, the symbols of power and divinity.

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