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    Kokino is in the far northeast of Macedonia, just 43 miles (70km) from the capital Skopje. It’s believed to be the holy site of the Kokino civilization, dating back to the end of the Bronze Age (around 3800BC). It is the fourth oldest in the world, after Abu Simbel, Stonehenge, and Angkor Wat.
    Sitting at 3300 feet (1000m) above sea level near the Tativec Kamen Summit, its height and location made it perfect for observations of celestial movements, enabling them to accurately record the equinoxes, solstices and the movements of the Pleiades. The ancients carved ritual rooms, precise markers, and thrones out of solid rock.

    Even though the rocky outcropping of Kokino has been in plain view since the beginning of time, it was only in 2001 that scientists discovered it was one of the most important ancient observatories on earth.

    While not the stunner like Stonehenge, this Megalithic site is among the giants of stellar surveillance and is well worth a trip to see it in person.




    See here for more >>>> http://kokinoobservatory.mk/



    Yes, Kokino deserves to be mentioned here. Thanks to SvetovidSlovenski. :)

    But where did you take these info from? Some of it is wrong. Kokino was probably build by the end of the third millennium BC, not the beginning of the fourth. And it's not the fourth oldest observatory (Ankor Wat is only 1000 years old), but Kokino has been mentioned by NASA to be among the four most accurate and most impressive archaic observatories, among Stonehenge and the other aforementioned.



    Oh, I almost forgot. There is a new theory about Kokino…
    Yup it's Ancient Aliens… ;D

    Ancient Aliens – Kokino (Taticev Kamen) Macedonia



    @Collowrath The same aliens who built the Bosnian pyramids!



    @abv And hid them in a mountain ;D



    Kokkinos means yellow or red in Greek



    Folks this is a fantastically important finding.



    @FORMICA why do you think that?



    Age findings of the three millennia. This speaks to the high level of science before 3 millennium, the areas that are still considered backward. Such a large enterprise can not be achieved by observation of the sky during one’s life, are required ages for all observations that have been logged at the observatory. Kokino not only solar and lunar observatories, but also stellar, with monitoring very long periods of lunar cycles and the constellations. Certainly, the system pantheon was very complex, in order to explain all the changes in the sky. And all this long before other civilizations. Unfortunately interrupted archaeological research in Bioči in Montenegro, which would seem adopted equally uncanny discoveries and Kokino. Of course, it is clear to me today, we have little to do with them by then.

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