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    It's Koledo in 10 days , and here I  tried to translate some Koledar songs from Serbia .
    I must apologize in advance because I was not able to translate some words and expressions since they are archaic and not used today.
    Winter ritual Songs were sang from 22nd December (from the winter solstice) to the January the 7th (the day of Christmas).
    They were performed by the groups of at least 7 young lads , going from home to home , wishing fruitful year and healthy life.
    One of them represented the Koledo and he was wearing a cap called "samur kalpak'', the other was his duke and the third one was carrying the bags in which they collected the gifts. They believed that the songs are helping the young Sun to grow stronger and defeat the darkness. People usually gave to Koledars the food which is not Lenten .

    It would be wonderful if you could add some songs from your countries , with or without translation.

    (Song about Svetovid, identified with the sun)
    Vojevao beli Vide

    Vojevao beli Vide, koledo,    White Vid fought , koledo,
    Tri godine s kleti Turci,        for three years with the damned Turks,
    A četiri s crni Ugri.              and for four years with the black Hungarians.
    Kada Vide s vojske dođe,    When Vid returned from the army,
    Sede Vide da večera,          He sat down to have a dinner,
    Stade gromot, stade tropot  It started to thunder and it became loud
    Oko dvora Vidojeva.            around the castle of Vid.
    Al’ govori beli Vide:              But white Vid began to speak:
    „Iziđ’, ljubo, te pogledaj        „Go out, my beloved, and take a look
    Šta je gromot šta je tropot    What is that thunderstorm and what is that noise
    Oko dvora Vidojeva.“            around the castle of Vid.“

    Kad iziđe verna ljuba,            When his beloved came out,
    Konji mu se kopitaju,            she saw that Horses are hoofing,
    Raduju se gospodaru              They are rejoicing for their master
    Da je skoro s vojske doš'o;    because he has returned from the army;
    I golubi s kril’ma biju,              And pigeons are waving their wings,
    Raduju se gospodaru,            They are rejoicing for their master,
    Da je skoro s vojske doš'o.      because he has returned from the army.

    (Song about the Koledars coming to a house and getting gifts from the host, central part is about Svarožić/Božić)

    Otvor' vrata, domaćine                      Open the door , our host,
    Koljedo Koljedo!                                Koledo,Koledo!
    Domaćine domaćine                          Our host, our host,
    Koljedo Koljedo!                                Koledo,Koledo!
    Dodaj nama ladne vode                    Pass us the cold water,
    Koljedo Koljedo                                Koledo,Koledo!
    Da kupamo okupamo                        So we could bath,
    Koljedo Koljedo!                                Koledo,Koledo!
    Mlada boga tog Božića                        Yound god , that Bozic,                          (small god, Christmas)
    Koljedo Koljedo                                Koledo,Koledo!
    Tog Božića Svarožića.                        That Bozic, Svarozic.
    Na njemu je mor dolama                    The vest , which is on him,
    Suhim zlatom izatkata                        is woven in pure gold,
    A bisjerom podatkata                        and decorated with pearls,
    Po dolami bijel pojas                          And the white belt is on his vast,
    Čak do zemlje prjevaljuje.                  it's hanging to the ground,
    Više njega zlatne toke                        Above it , there are golden tokas,                    (kinds of ornaments)
    Više ovih rujn’ azdija                          Above those, red azdiya,
    Rujna azda kolastija.                          Red azda kolastiya.
    Kola su mu bjeli svjete                      Oh – white world, his carriage is ,
    Bjeli svjete jasna vječnost.                Oh – white world, the clear eternity
    Na glavu mu samur kalapak                Samur Kalpak is on his head,                          (Samur Kalpak – the kind of a cap)
    Vito pjero do ramjena                        slip feather is reaching to his shoulders,          (feather which serves as a decoration of the cap)
    A čeljenka do oblaka.                          And the tip of the cap reaches the clouds
    Oblacima podrmuje                            He is jolting others using clouds
    A munjama zaljuljuje                          his is rocking using thunders
    Cjelim svjetom potrešuje.                    He is shaking the whole world.
    Konjic mu je jarko sunce,                    Bright sun is his little horse
    Bojni doro ognjeviti.                            Warlike Doro the fiery                              (I think Doro is a name of the horse,I may be mistaken )
    Svje svjetove prjegljedžuje                  He is watching all the worlds
    I u njima sve mi gazde                        and all the leaders in them
    Koj daruje koj njedaje                        who are giving gifts  and for the ones who are  not giving gifts 
    Koljedžanam Badnjarima                      to Koledars , Badnjars   
    Njemu srječe nigde njejma.                  there is no happiness for those anywhere.

    Sang on 14.jan (this year), Mali Božić or New Year-
    Song that is sang while girls gather water from ponds and creeks, to tell fortune to eachother.
    Song is about Vodan- evil spirit of waters and the Rusalke.

    Oj Vodane, Vodane,          Oh Vodan, Vodan,
    I tvoj sine Morane!            And your son Moran!
    Ne muti nam vodice,          Don't make our water muddy,
    Ne pušt u nju Morice.        Don't let Morica in the it.
    Nama voda potrebna        We need water
    Za prstena venčana.          for wedding rings
    Čista voda prečista,          Clean water, the most pure,
    Ljubav čista da nam je,      so our our love could be pure,
    Bez tvog sina Morana        without your son Moran
    I sestrica Morica,              and your sister Morica
    Što no momke moraju        who are drowning our lads,
    Od naske ih otimlju            they are taking them from us,
    Pa jih more i ljube,              and they are kissing them and drowning them,
    U dubljine uvlače,                they are taking them to the depths,
    Te dubljine studene            to the cold depths
    I vrtloge proklete.              and the cursed vortices .



    Take a look, Dervan once posted it. I believe it is the most valuable thing I have stumbled upon on this forum. :)

    – Old Serbian songs and mores, printed 1869. Mentions among others, old folk songs about Svarog, Perun, Veles, Svetovid, Morana, Jarilo, Koleda etc.

    P.S. Самур калпак је шубара од самуровог крзна. Самур је подврста куне.



    Well,that certainly makes finding beautiful old song quite easier =]
    Thank you for posting this and thanks to Dervan for finding that nice collection.


    P.S. Самур калпак је шубара од самуровог крзна. Самур је подврста куне.

    Samur is a type of marten ?
    I didn't know from what it is made of, nor do I know how to translate stuff like those.  :/  ( токе,аздије, коластија…)


    Samur is a type of marten ?


    [img height=300]http://simbania.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/rl-sable.jpg” />
    Sable (Martes zibellina)

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