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    Likely because of illegal everything.



    Pity some other countries don’t take Russia’s example.



    The trouble began earlier in this village. Gypsies decided to get free gas for themselves and tried to
    tap into the local pipeline illegally. Since they were
    not skilled in drawing gas, water got into the system during their
    attempt. As a result, the gas supply system failed . Gas workers came into the village to fix the problem.  Gypsies gathered near the pipeline section,
    set tyre casings on fire and started hurling stones and bricks at the
    workers and their vehicles.The workers of the local gas service had to retreat to the damaged trucks, whereupon the police entered the village.




    Not only into gas system, Roma people were also tapping into electricity network illegally. Authorities sent requests to dismantle those 120 houses that were built illegally giving people a deadline.

    Housing demolition in Roma village.



    They also steal and may rob and kill you if you’re an old guy and live alone.



    Hah, it’s good to know that Gypsies are absolutely the same even in countries with a stronger hand. I thought our ones are simply spoiled by the lack of authority here (and the NGOs, of course).



    There was a brutal murder and possibly rape of an 8 year old girl in  Loshchynivka village, Odessa region. Authorities and villagers suspected a 20 year Roma man was responsible . Around 300 men (Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians) started demolishing Roma houses. Now, locals call for authorities to expel Roma people from the village for selling drugs and involvement in other crimes. Roma people appear to have agreed to leave the village.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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