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    1) Dozens of people detained during banned Freedom Day march, marking the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic (which only existed for two from 1918 to 1919) https://www.afp.com/en/news/826/dozens-arrested-belarus-opposition-marks-freedom-day-doc-1359191

    2) Thousands of women march against harshening abortion laws (currently you can only have an abortion in Poland if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest, if childbirth is of direct danger to the mother’s life, or if screening shows that the fetus is damaged (otherwise both the woman and the doctor who performed the abortion go to jail); now the Parliament wants to ban the screenings too) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-poland-abortion/thousands-join-black-friday-marches-against-polish-abortion-restrictions-idUSKBN1GZ2LP

    3) Moldovans rally demanding reunification with Romania https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/romania-moldova-unification-rally-protests-moscow-a8273246.html

    4) A horrific fire destroys a shopping mall in Siberia, killing over 67 people though witnesses claim over 200 casualties, most of them children who were brought to see a premier and were locked in the cinema hall; parents aren’t allowed to see the bodies unless they sign a non-disclosure agreement first; Putin hasn’t said a word and even the governor didn’t arrive to the scene claiming that his car with all the bodyguard cars would likely cause a traffic jam https://themoscowtimes.com/news/kemerovo-shopping-mall-fire-what-we-know-so-far-60939

    5) Civil observers suspend their work in Ukraine supervising the judicial reform because all efforts were in vain and the old corrupt system refuses to let go https://www.kyivpost.com/ukraine-politics/civil-society-watchdog-suspends-work-citing-collapse-judicial-reform.html

    Not a good week in the Slavic world, huh.



    What makes Moldova Slavic? :)



    @Shaokang Transnistria 



    Moldova should be allowed to unite with Romania, they are Romanians after all. The country needs a helping hand, it is the poorest in all of europe. 




    I think so too
    but their government is against it
    and it’s not entirely clear how Romania would deal with it economically
    hopefully there is a good way




    Transnistria is full of Russians and Ukrainians
    they’re part of Moldova even though they’re a non-recognized republic set up by Russia (like Abkhazia and South Ossetia)
    and the issue itself is important for Ukraine
    because if a reunification process were to begin, Russia would intervene
    and Ukraine has enough problems with it already



    >Dozens of people detained during banned Freedom Day march,

    100th anniversary of BNR was permitted by authorities and administration of cities and towns throughout Belarus. Those who were detained participated in unsanctioned demonstrations in non-designated places. Most detained were already released despite people in opposition knew they may be detained for doing so. It looks as a provocation to show lack of liberties in the country.

    During last 20G summit in Hamburg hundreds of protesters were detained by German police. Protestors were dispersed by water cannons and beaten up by police. If something like this happened in Belarus every media would be pointing at dictator Lukashenko opressing opposition.


    Despite being a small country Moldovan society is not homogeneous in their political views. Gagauz auotonomy in south of the country , northern part of the country, as well as eastern Tranistria are generally against union with Romania. Gradual integration is needed, otherwise Moldova may follow the path of Ukraine with social unrests around different regions of the country. Elite of Gagauzia already stated that if Romania and Moldova to integrate, then Gagauz autonomy will become an independent country. In my opinion Moldova has good chances of joining EU on its own . Even quicker than Ukraine as the country is  small and EU can integrate Moldova with no consequences for the EU. Population of Moldova is around 3mln, the country has tiny economy.

    По словам Бургуджи, «в очередной раз деятели из-за Прута и их хозяева не желают учитывать тот факт, что на территории Республики Молдова существует и функционирует в полном объеме политическая автономия гагаузов — Гагаузия (Гагауз Ери) со своими исключительными правами и полномочиями». Он напомнил, что 2 февраля 2014 года Гагаузия провела законодательный референдум и приняла Закон об отложенном статусе Гагаузии, согласно которому, «в случае реализации указанных бредовых планов, Гагаузия автоматически, без всяких переходных периодов приобретает статус полноценного независимого государства».


    «Нам в Румынию не надо»: еще один район Молдавии хочет в состав Гагаузии




    This is why I read “Good News Ukraine.” http://ukrainegoodnews.com/home.html



    Nine Ukrainian best pizza masters (Positano, Silpo Resto, Pizza Celentano, Vino e Cecina and Smaki-Maki restaurants) will go to Parma to compete at Pizza World Championship 2018 to be held in April.

    Ukrainian pizza masters will compete in 6 categories: Neapolitan pizza (wood oven), classic pizza, pizza cooked in a duet (author’s pizza made by pizza master and chef), the largest stretch, the fastest stretch and individual freestyle.




    64-year-old Vladimir Drinfeld from Kharkiv, currently working at the Chicago University, and his colleague, Alexander Beilinson, the prestigious Wolf Prize for Mathematics ‘for their groundbreaking work in algebraic geometry, representation theory and mathematical physics’.

    Before emigrating to the USA in 1999, Vladimir worked at the Physics and Technical Institute of Low Temperatures in Kharkiv. In 1990 he received the Fields’ Prize granted to mathematicians under 40 years every four years.

    Awarded by the Israeli Wolf Foundation, the prize honors the greatest achievements every year in the fields of agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, physics, medicine and the arts. The award for each subject area carries a $100,000 prize.



    Local authorities of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast decided to pay special attention to gastronomic tourism development. Kosiv, Kolomyia, Tlumaсh and Dolyna districts, as well as the city of Yaremche were selected to develop gastronomic trips. The tours will be eco-product manufacturers-based.

    At present time the authorities are engaged in the search for farms who in cooperation with local tour operators will create a product (tour).

    The delicious highlights of Prykarpattya are herbal teas from high-altitude herbs, honey, home-made cheese (from milk of goat, sheep and cow) as well as meat products.



    Ukrainians have invented Cardiomo, portable device enabling to monitor the user’s health and warn him about the disease.

    The device can prevent the user from development of dozens of diseases, such as: coronary heart disease, heart attack or stroke, and help to avoid fatal consequences. It binds to the body under the heart zone with the help of glue electrodes and monitors the vital health indicators: electrocardiogram, body temperature, lung work and heart rate. All data from the sensor is transmitted to the “cloud” service that analyzes the information and signals to relatives or physicians about changes in the patient’s health. Cardiomo also monitors exercises, the day schedule, recommends time and place for walks and reminisces about taking medications. 

    Currently, 250 users are testing the device.

    The device serial production is scheduled for May 2018. It is known that Cardiomo has been ordered by 2,000 people from different continents.



    Good news from Poland.

    Katowice: A European coal capital goes green
    Deutsche Welle    
    3 January 2018

    On 3 January 2018 Deutsche Welle reported: Nowhere in the EU is smog more suffocating than in southern Poland. This year, the polluted Polish mining city Katowice will host the COP24 climate conference. Ahead of that, change is in the air — and on the ground. The city is changing at a rapid pace. It is becoming greener and more sustainable — in some surprising ways. http://www.dw.com/en/katowice-a-european-coal-capital-goes-green/a-41906740

    Talk to anybody in Poland about Katowice and you’ll hear the words mining, coal and steel.

    The city of around 300,000 in the southeast of the country sits in the heart of the Polish rust belt. It hosts the mining industry’s largest trade fair and is home to Europe’s largest coal producer.

    On top of this, almost half of the 82,000 jobs in Poland that rely on coal production are found in Katowice’s wider metropolitan region of Upper Silesia.

    Little wonder then that coal is seen as the backbone of the Polish economy — even though mining has long since become a financial graveyard for taxpayers.

    When citizens get active

    Change isn’t only happening in the air: others have decided to plant it in the ground.

    One environmentalist, a street artist who goes by the name Guerilla Partisan Witold, wanders through the metropolitan region almost every day, planting trees, bushes and flowers — wherever and whenever he wants.

    The guerrilla gardener is particularly fond of orphaned green areas or bald-swept sidewalks. He calls himself a “garden partisan.”

    In the middle of the market square in Chorzow, a suburb of Katowice, he picks up his shovel, digs out a hole, and places a small spruce tree in the ground.

    “I have no document to say that this ground is mine … so it is illegal,” says Witold during the digging. “But I see how plants grow up, I think it is good.”

    “Not everything that is illegal is bad,” he adds.

    The artist — lanky, in his mid-forties, sporting a goatee and beret — digs because he doesn’t want to wait for domestic or global politics. He knows more than a dozen citizens who are also active in the underground green movement. He believes there are more, and points out that a neighbor has followed suit.

    Witold believes they are all working together for the greater good. “I do it for myself, because every day I cross this area three or four times, and I don’t like how it looks.” 

    “I have a real impact to an area where I live.”

    Guerilla gardeners in Katowice plant wildlife in the concrete-covered city DWR Fuchs

    Guerilla gardeners in Katowice plant wildlife in the concrete-covered city


    Prof. Jan Szyszko, Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Poland

    On 3-14 December 2018, Poland will host the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP24).

    We count not only on the unfailing presence of all the Parties to the Convention and observers, but above all on their determination to adopt in the course of COP24 decisions which are necessary to fully implement the Paris Agreement.”




    Wow!  :(  After ignition in the “Winter Cherry” Mall, the dispatcher switched off the alarm system, the fire exits of the shopping mall were blocked, – the RF investigation

    Fire exits in the winter winter cherry shopping center in Kemer during the fire were blocked, and the alert system was turned off.

    This is stated in the telegram channel of the Investigative Committee of Russia, informs Tsensor. NET.

    “Serious violations were committed, both during the introduction of the shopping center in operation and in the course of its work. Fire exits in the shopping center were blocked. The investigation checks the information and other violations,” – said the SC RF.

    To date, the investigators have detained and questioned the four suspects. The issue of the detention of the fifth suspect is being resolved. This is an employee of a private security company, which, as a result of the investigation, received a signal of a fire, turned off the alert system.

    Among the interrogators, the IC RF named the technical director of the company-owner of the building, the tenant of the premises, which, in the opinion of the investigation, began a fire, an employee and head of the organization, which served the fire alarm.

    March 25 in the shopping and entertainment complex “Winter Cherry” in the Russian Kemer began a fire. To date, the death of 64 people confirmed, the bodies of 6 of them remain under the rubble of TC.

    The number of victims of the fire in a shopping center in Kemer became one of the four largest in Russia for 100 years, along with a fire at the Samara APC in 1999, when 57 people were killed in Kamyshevskaya village in the Krasnodar Territory in 2007, when 63 people were killed and in the “Horseradish Horse” club in Perm in 2009, when 153 people became victims of fire. 



    Russians kicked out of European Countries

    European countries decided to send Russian diplomats

    A number of European countries have announced the decision to expel Russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of former intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in Britain.

    In particular, at present, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic have announced the decision to send diplomats to the Russian Federation.

    France, Germany and Poland will send four diplomats, the Czech Republic and Lithuania – three. Latvia and Estonia – one diplomat. Denmark has announced the expulsion of two diplomats.

    The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said that a total of 14 EU countries had taken diplomatic measures against Russia through the Violence case.

    Earlier, US authorities decided to send 60 Russian diplomats from the country through the Violinist case.

    Ukraine approved a similar decision: President Petro Poroshenko announced the expulsion of 13 Russian diplomatic co-workers.

    Recall that on March 14, Prime Minister of Britain Teresa May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats from the country , in connection with the possible involvement of Moscow in the poisoning of the former intelligence officer Sergei Skripal. 

    In discussing possible sanctions against Russia, the British Foreign Ministry head said sanctions against Putin’s immediate surroundings . 

    In Russia, they announced the expulsion of British diplomats in response to measures taken by the United Kingdom.

    The British government refuses to buy Russian gas and is looking for new suppliers. 

    On March 26, it became known that Britain issued orders for the arrest of Russian capital of dubious origin.



    @saltycola and @Dušan Yes, I know whats Transnistria and who lives there. It doesn’t make the whole country Slavic though.



    >”Serious violations were committed, both during the introduction of
    the shopping center in operation and in the course of its work. Fire
    exits in the shopping center were blocked. The investigation checks the
    information and other violations,”

    Tragic events in Siberian city of Kemerovo due to negligence of staff and corruption of owners.

    1. The building was reconstructed from a confectionery plant into a large shopping centre with entertainment section for children on the last floor. The last floor was chosen on purpose so by the time parents and children reach the last floor they will buy something in shops.  The building has narrow corridors.

    2. The large shopping centre was registered as a small business to evade taxes and avoid regular inspections including inspection of fire safety system.

    3. When fire alarm went off one security personnel switched it off believing it was false.

    4. Fire exists were locked.

    5. Most casualties occurred on the last floor in children entertainment section, especially in cinema hall where children were watching a cartoon. Someone locked the door into cinema hall so that children without tickets couldn’t enter the hall.

    As a result of this fire in Kemerovo, Belarusian authorities ordered to check all large shopping & entertainment centres around the country  to examine fire safety system. On Monday there was a trial evacuation in one of the largest shopping centres in Minsk. All people were evacuated in 10 minutes. Shoppers didn’t know it was false alarm.  It’d have been longer on Sunday when there are more people.



    Tributes are paid to victims of shopping centre fire in many cities of Russia. This is in Kemerevo.  64 died and 6 are missing. Many victims are children.




    Protests in Kemerovo over lack of safety after shopping centre fire. Protests want all responsible taken to trial and they want to know the true number of victims. They don’t believe 64 people died only.  Currently live.




    This Russian mall fire is heartbreaking. So many children. I just finished reading this sad story. Tears in my eyes.  :(

    The Lillevyali Family

    People were sitting on benches at the center of the gym, some in twos, some in threes, and some people sat alone. Among the crowd were Alexander and Olga Lillevyali, covering themselves with a checkered white and blue blanket. Three of their daughters had just burned alive. Two of them were eleven years old. The youngest was five.

    Alexander says he took his daughters to the mall on Sunday to see “Sherlock Gnomes.” The movie theater was on the fourth floor. He bought each girl a ticket and a box of popcorn, showed them to their seats, and then walked down to the first floor to wait. The show started at 2:40 p.m., but about 30 minutes later one of his daughters called him and said the theater was filling up with smoke, and they couldn’t get out because the doors locked. Lillevyali started running back upstairs, seeing that the whole shopping center was now filling with smoke.

    “As I was running up the stairs, somebody handed me a wet rag, and I used it to cover my nose. When I reached the fourth floor, I broke a window to send the draft upwards. Then I collapsed,” said Alexander. “I started crawling, but I realized at this point that I’d lost all strength. I’d inhaled so much carbon monoxide that I was about to faint. My daughter kept calling me and calling me. I just shouted into the phone that she needed to try to get out of the theater, but there was nothing I could do. In front of me, it was already flames.” As the man spoke, tears streamed down his face. He pressed his hands to his eyes, trying to stop himself.

    Unable to reach his children, Alexander ran back down the stairs, trying to find any rescue workers to help. Outside the mall, he met the first team of emergency responders: firemen come to put out the blaze.

    “I told them that there were children locked in a smoke-filled theater on the fourth floor. That they needed to be rescued, and they were still alive. They agreed, but they took three minutes — three fucking minutes! — to put on their masks! And only then did they come into the building,” Lillevyali says. “I showed them the stairwell that was the fastest way up to the movie theater, and they started to follow me, but then some guy told them that there was a fire at the mall’s central staircase, and those bastards followed him off. I told them: ‘Give me one of your masks! I’ll pull them out myself!’ But they told me: ‘Can’t do it. Everything has to be according to regulations.’ My girls were left to burn because of the goddamn regulations.”

    Olga Lillevyali came to the “Winter Cherry” as soon as her husband called and said their children were dead.

    “While the fire burned, we stood outside for six hours, and nobody came out to talk to us even once!” the woman says. “At about 5:30 [p.m.], the police cordoned off the shopping center. The officers were pushy. We ran across the street, back and forth, while the ‘Cherry’ burned. They didn’t let us come near, and they didn’t explain anything. There were plumes of smoke above the building, our children were burning, and we just watched.”


    Zipunova Family

    Alena Zipunova says her daughter, a fifth grader named Vika, went to the “Winter Cherry” with her class on Sunday to enjoy the start of their spring break. First they bowled a few rounds, then they went skating, and then they went to the movies to see the same animated feature as the Lillevyalis, albeit on a different screen. Fifteen minutes after the movie started, the fire broke out. Nobody could get out of the theater. The entire class, along with their teacher, burned to death.

    “Some of their classmates didn’t want to go, but ours went,” says Vika Zipunova’s grandmother, sitting beside Alena in the gym. “So God kept some of them from death, but not our children.”

    Alena Zipunova verifies what other victims’ relatives told Meduza: She spent the whole night at the school gymnasium, but she never got any information from the authorities. She says the social worker asked her how many of her children died in the fire and how old they were “about eight times.” “I wanted to run outside to get away from her, if only to be alone to cry, but she found me there, too,” Alena says.

    Not far from Zipunova, a man addresses a group of women who have assembled around him: “I heard that a woman with two children burned to death in an elevator. She screamed and called for help, but the rescuers couldn’t even get near.” “They’re probably mine,” a young woman says hopelessly, and begins to cry.

    More here: https://meduza.io/en/feature/2018/03/26/our-children-were-burning-and-we-just-watched

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