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    Hello, fellow community of the slavorum. Directly on my question.

    Suddenly, I realised that every language spoken is indeed  a big treasure so I decided to take up with that.
    I am Bulgarian teen, but yet I would love to learn few more languages.

    I am fluent in Bulgarian (Captain Obvious here) and English. I used to be in Language Highschool with intensive German learning, but our teacher was kinda meh, resulting in me not learning much German. I visited extra courses and 3 years ago my German was on a very good basis. The problem is, I want to re-learn (I am forgetting it more and more every day) German and take up on slavic languages aswell.
    SO, my goal is, eventually, to learn Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, German, Russian and why not Ukrainian ? I can take up on german classes, although they are a bit expensive and put on some effort. Also, since Serbo-Croatian is closer to mine and I promised myself that i will learn them one day I would like to take up on them and learning them in parallel. While i can visit part-time German courses and find my old notes and writtings, this i cannot do with Serbo-Croatian. I doubt there are courses like that in Sofia, also It would be a bit too much, speaking iconomically, to visit 2 language-learning courses at the time. Plus i doubt it will be worthy, since Internet can offer a lot in exchange of nothing. What a bargain, if you ask me. So, to summarize.

    1. Do you think it is a good idea to learn German in parallel of self-teaching / self-learning Serbo-Croatian while being a Law student ?
    2. Since i know local German teachers it would not be problem to 'rebirth' my german knowledge, since I am not really a beginner. But can you give me tips how to start with Serbo-Croatian ? Can you give me some sites, ideas how to learn quickly and effectively ? Any schemes / plans or something like that ? As a matter of fact Croatian is easier to me, because it is in Latin alphabet and i can really read it. Things with Serbian are bit different, when in certain word the following characters are presented – " Ђђ , Љљ њ, Ћћ " i simply cannot read the word.
    3. I know the basics of Serbian-Croatian but I want to be able to be atleast fluent speaker. I was thinking of investing in a Serbo-Croatian-Bulgarian dictionary, where I can expand my vocabulary knowledge and Serbo-Croatian Grammarbook, so i can learn the writting basics.
    4. Do you think it's a good idea to start with SerboCroatian, and not Russian, due to the fact I want to learn it on par with German and since i am Law student i guess i have to revise for my University. I tought it would be easier, and by the time I graduate from Uni to get into Russian (Who everyone here says it is challenging and not even 25% closer to our)
    5. Can you give me some sites/online courses for Serbo-Croatian in English (Bulgarian would be best, doubt you will find any tho) Any news sites ? I found out that via music I learned a lot words. I know many of you are not fans of turbofolk music, but i find it nice and entertaining method of learning. Grabbing a song, find the lyrics in my language and voila – few new words from just a song.
    6. How different are Ukrainian and Russian ? Can a Ukrainian and Russian understand freely each other, if they have never learned to other's language ?



    5.  Here are a couple of online sites I've found for Croatian that are helpful.  This one uses kind of a note-card method, and is customizable, so the things you learn there are relatively memorable.  This site takes a few minutes to get accustomed to, but then it makes sense.  This has actual lessons, combined with feedback from and interaction with native speakers.

    News site:    Though there is no English translation, so I personally find it too difficult to navigate until I learn more.

    1. I would say just try to brush up on German via conversing with others in it, don't worry about it beyond that.  As far as whether to study Russian or Serbo-croatian, it depends on what you want to do with them.  You need to decide which of those would be most useful for you, but at this point in time, you should really pick only one, because with Law, German, and an additional language, your plate will be full.



    A tip for Serbo-Croatian. Watch Serbian or Croatian tv – shows or movies with their subtitles. It helps quite a lot.



    Maybe you could join some Serbian and/or Croatian forum(s), I've met some Bulgarians improving their knowledge of SC like that.


    Currently, I have read only both Serbian and Crotian forums on storm****. I don't really know other ones.I am footbal fan, i guess i can visit some football forums – i just don't know if they are the correct place for a beginner.

    The idea with TV is nice, however, the only serbian channel I find is PINK + and its other variations so I can't really use that, since it is only music…

    Watch out though, they get excited quickly. ;D

    Oh, I don't know, we had a Slovenian Pink of our own for a while, there were plenty of movies and series … Watching some Croatian TV from time to time definetly helped my (Serbo-)Croatian.

    May I also ask, how do you find German – easy or hard to understand? Most of my mates who have learned only English before have issues with it …



    I love german,because it is very logical. Grammar, words, everything just makes sense. When you have the sound F – Ф, you simply write f. Not like in enouGH,and the far worse french. I love the language, although the grammar is a bit nasty.


    I love german,because it is very logical. Grammar, words, everything just makes sense. When you have the sound F – Ф, you simply write f. Not like in enouGH,and the far worse french. I love the language, although the grammar is a bit nasty.

    Well, not really, V also is pronounced as F. Otherwise, when you learn which sound connections sound how, it's no problem to read and write.

    Aha, so if you like it, you will have it a bit easier to learn.

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